Started off the day with a dark cloud

Good morning,

For some reason I woke up with a depressive feeling and felt very down today. I moped about for a bit feeling sorry for myself and a few worries started to magnify so I got my trainers on, iPod on and walked 5k. Nice bright breezy morning and I came home feeling better.

Just need to keep the dark cloud at bay and keep making healthy choices.


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12 Replies

  • That's so great that your response was to get up and go out! Exercise is a great mood enhancer. Also just being out in the world and walking, esp with good music, can give you the headspace to really sort out those things that go round in your head. Hope you can keep that good feeling for the rest of the day now, and perhaps fix some of the problems that caused the cloud in the first place :)

  • Dark clouds are vicious and always seem to build up and up.. Kudos on beating it and stepping outside for a walk!! Thats tough, I know :)

    Keep it up :)

  • That's fab that you got up and went for a walk, even though you weren't feeling your best. Good luck with the rest of your journey, and hope the weekend is better for you :)

  • Thanks everyone, it has been a while a had an episode, so exercise really did stop the negative thoughts kicking in. I am taking it easy and being kind to myself together.

    I hope everyone is having a good day !

  • Gets us all from time to time - I had a rough day yesterday and managed not to eat and drink my way through it! Good for you!

  • Well done for dealing with feeling down so well. Exercise and music are fab for boosting mood and stopping food cravings. 😀

  • Hi Eatwell,

    It's great that you came home feeling better, and well done for doing that 5k - you were able to enjoy the bright breezy morning, and you kept that dark cloud at bay.

    I hope you enjoy the afternoon and evening, and that the weekend is a good one.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Eatwell,

    Glad to hear the walk did so much good - I find it's great for shifting a low mood. Hope you have a good weekend :-)

  • Hi eat well, brilliant reaction to the low mood....and to post. Keeps us all on our toes and ready to follow your example...thanks 😉

  • Well done for making such a good choice and getting out to walk off that feeling.

    There's nothing better than walking with music it really makes you feel good. I find I don't even think when I have got music on so don't fret or worry just enjoy. I love walking to rock or dance music as it really speeds you up.

    I hope the rest of your day has been good and the weekend goes well.

  • All the lovely comments have really helped lift my mood. Hopefully after a good nights rest, tomorrow will be a better day.

  • I'm proud of you and I did exactly the same a few days when I just woke up grumpy for some reason and things just kept going to poop. Knocking over a full cup of tea, dropping my cereal bowl...and after my walk I felt a little better but it took a couple of hours before my day brightened substantially.

    The power of exercise :)

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