Weekly progress

A mixed week when it comes to maintaning weight...

Had a (quite large) slice of ice cream cake yesterday (probably a bad idea, but I have to live a little) and what a surprise I felt a little bloated and sickly afterward. So this morning, I went for a run to balance it out a bit and I managed to run for over 6km (6.2km) and althought I am knackered now, I feel so much better. Although my pace may not be as fast as other runners yet (my meagre height of 5ft 1 somewhat limits my ability to run super fast, haha) I'm hoping to build that up over time as my fitness improves.

Also, despite the ice cream cake, I appear to have lost another pound, making my total loss a nice round 50lbs. So all in all, despite the 'slip-up', this week has been okay. Wonder what the weekend will bring!


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13 Replies

  • Hi GirlAtMidnight,

    Wow, well done for achieving a total weight loss of 50 pounds, that is phenomenal, and Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week. Brilliant that you did over 6km running, and that you're feeling much better in yourself.

    I hope the weekend brings you some great things!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks LowCal, fingers crossed! :)

  • That 50lb weight loss is a great result - well done :-) (And that ice cream cake sounds quite nice too !)

  • Thank you (it was rather nice!) :)

  • impressed! Wow. 50lbs ! I don't know if I could pick a rucksack up with that much weight in it. Well done you!😄

  • Thank you! Feeling positive :)

  • What a great result - I'm at the 50lb mark too and I know how hard it is keeping it up.

    You are right about the ice cream though, you do have to live a little. Oh for the day when we can leave a bit before it becomes sickly - maybe one day :)

    Well done on the excellent run too - I am still at the walking stage.

    Hope you can keep up the good work over the weekend - always a struggle for me.

  • Thank you. Congrats on your own weight loss, that's brilliant! :) yes, weekends are always a struggle, so much free time and many temptations, but I will try and persevere!

  • I always seem to have something going on at the weekend but I do usually manage an extra long walk. Today I am going for afternoon tea with some friends :) I am planning a big walk tomorrow though :)

    Can I ask how much more you have to lose or are you pretty much done? I still have a long way to go :(

  • Oo enjoy your afternoon tea, that sounds nice :) I am almost there, ideally I would like to lose 4 more pounds, and then it will just be toning up so I'm not so wobbly :) still feels like it will take me ages though as my weight loss is so slow now I'm closer to my target, I'm only losing a pound every 2/3 weeks. You can do it! It might seem like a long way but I guess these things take time and you just have to stay motivated to stay on course (that's the biggest problem I'm having, anyway), good luck! :)

  • Thanks :) Good luck with that last 4lb, must feel great to be so close to your target!

  • 50 lbs is AMAZING and you are clearly watching your diet and doing some exercise - what more could you ask.

    "my meagre height of 5ft 1 somewhat limits my ability to run super fast, haha"

    Couldn't you just pop on some 6 inch stilettos and improve your speed? :P

  • Thank you. Haha oh yes, what an idea!! I can barely walk in stilettos let alone run in them :P

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