Obesity, comfort eating and 10 stone to lose! :-O

Hi, I joined recently as I had a wake up call (a) when I got on the scales and (b) when I checked my BMI on the NHS website. Unfortunately I am a comfort eater and I usually make unhealthy meal choices when I'm down (take aways etc) so it's always been a battle but I've got bigger and bigger over the years, the weight kept creeping up and up. I need to lose a shocking 10 stone to be mid range healthy. I cannot really believe I have got to this stage, but I guess the fatter you get the more you hide away...the worse you feel....then the more you eat - vicious cycle really. The reality is I'm a heart attack waiting to happen and I have a son and husband who don't want me to die - that's my motivation. This is quite a big thing for me to admit to the world but I'm really inspired by how supportive people are on these posts.

Anyway...I have started looking at calories and healthier choices of food. I started eating better on Wednesday and keeping a food diary. I will be counting calories of all food and drink and putting everything in the diary so I don't mess it up. I have to say how shocked I am at how much I can eat if I choose the right thing! I couldn't eat another thing yesterday I was so full, and I was 500 short of the recommended calories for my height/weight! I'm certainly not complaining and I'm not going to stuff extra food in just because it recommends a certain number. It just goes to show that I was making all the wrong, high calorie unhealthy food choices to put this weight on. Silly me, but don't look back, look forwards, eh?!

For now, because of my arthritis and pain/inflammation in the veins in my leg, causing swelling, exercise is going to be pretty limited - I can't really walk comfortably to the car without pain, and the doc has instructed me to rest my leg elevated as much as possible to drain the fluid. Trouble is, as soon as I get up the leg starts to swell again - ugh! So, my plan is to get some weight off by altering my diet and then I can hopefully get out walking when I'm lighter and hopefully in less pain.

I feel I'm going to need all the support I can get as this is going to be a lonnng journey! I want to wish everyone well in their weight loss journey to health, whatever stage they are at. Let's get it done eh? :-)


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23 Replies

  • Welcome, I'm new here as well. Well done on taking the first step to better health and wish you all the best on your weight loss journey.

  • Thank you! Good luck with your journey too - we can do it, right?!

  • Yes, we can!

  • Well done on starting this Journey. You have made a good decision to start living a healthier lifestlye.

    Try and break down that 10 stone goal into smaller goals. It can seem like a lot but just make it into more achievable goals like I want to lose X pounds by October or I want to weigh X stone by Christmas.

    Not sure if you have downloaded the 12 week NHS weight loss plan but it provides a lot of helpful information and templates.

    Another helpful resource is an app/website called my fitness pal. It makes keeping track of calories alot easier. You can scan barcodes, add meals and recipes and look up so many types of foods.

    I truly believe that what you eat makes the biggest difference to weight management rather than physical activity which supplements weight loss.

    It must be difficult living with your medical condition but you may be able to find ways to incorporate smaller amounts of physical activity into what you are doing already. Do short amounts of activity throughout day - park further away from shops, use the stairs, do a squat each time you hang a piece of washing etc.

    There are lots of people who are suffering from a vast array of medical conditions on this forum who have successfully lost weight.

  • Thank you, I think that's about the only way I will be able to see light at the end of the tunnel with the amount of work I have to do - breaking it down a bit. I've found the calorie counter on the NHS website very helpful already, it's really great that there are all these things online to help people! I'm going to make a wall chart with blank squares which I can shade in every week, each square is going to be a pound, and I'm gonna use bright colours to make it stand out, so that I have a visual reminder of (hopefully) the good the changes are doing me.

    I'm no way going to use my physical issues to dodge exercise, but I do want to lose some weight before I start trying to take up a bit of walking due to the surgeon saying there is always going to be a weakness in the disc (had a slipped disc just over a year back). I'm afraid if I put it under too much pressure (let's face it, it's under a ton already just with the weight!) it will pop out again and it would be more pain to contend with and even harder to see a start to getting out walking. I am determined that I will eventually get to walking a mile on the flat every day, however slowly. I do know that I'll have to play that one by ear a bit, but I'm hoping the less weight I carry, the nearer that goal will be!

  • Good luck on your journey! I'm sure you can do it, you just have to persevere, and even if you have a slip up (god knows I've had a few) you just have to keep going and put it behind you. There are always fabulous people on this forum waiting to offer advice and support should you need it. Best wishes! :)

  • What las2811 said! Especially the bit about breaking your goal down into smaller goals, e.g. 1 stone at a time. Also don't worry about reaching a mid-healthy BMI. That is fine tuning, a mere detail, and can be looked at later on! You may in fact find you are naturally healthy at a higher weight, perhaps slightly above a BMI of 25. Everyone is different. So don't focus on the massive 10 stone goal too much, think about the first 1 or 2 stones, and take 1 day at a time, or 1 meal at a time even. Also, try googling sitting down exercises, there may be something you can start to incorporate. But lots of people on here will tell you that losing weight is completely achievable without any exercise too, managing your portion size is the main thing. Wishing you lots of luck :)

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words. I am really glad I joined, everyone is full of great ideas and advice, and support - thank you!

  • I don't have much to add to the other replies you have. Congratulations on taking the first step. It takes lots of courage to make the admissions you have. I am in my 2nd week and finding the calorie counting ok. I love healthy food, unfortunately though I also like chocolate, crisps, cream sauces and wine !!! I wish you lots of luck in your journey.

  • Hi WeightWarrior, I started about 7 months ago wanting to lose 190lbs (yes seriously!), I've lost 52 so far so got about the same to lose now as you.

    Definitely break it down into smaller goals - I have loads and it really helps. I also save £1 for every lb I lose and an extra £5 for certain goals reached.

    It really is amazing when you look back at how your bad food choices and portion sizes can pile on the calories - but now you know you can work on changing it.

    Good luck on your journey and your first weigh-in :)

  • Hello there Weight Warrior,

    Thankyou for your honesty and being so brave, you've taken the first step congratulations- I wish you the best of luck with getting to your goal.

    Veganista 😊

  • Hiya :)

    Well done you on taking the first steps in your journey.

    I put my weight on by eating then getting bigger so eating to comfort myself then hiding away and eating as food was my friend. It definitely is a viscious circle!

    I am a comfort and emotional eater therefore to stop me reaching for the chocolate or biscuits when I'm upset or angry etc I have carrot sticks cut up in the fridge and label them angry, I have strawberries cut in the fridge labelled tired, etc, and when I have these emotions I go to the fridge and pick out the emotion im feeling and eat it! It literally makes me feel better as I am eating my emotion away and think stuff you I can do this!

    The hardest part of the diet journey for me was changing my way of thinking and changing my relationship with food. I no longer live to eat but I eat to live....there is a big difference. I still enjoy food as much just different choices of food.

    You have all the motivation you need right with you (your son and husband) for extra support we will all be here to help you along the way. If you ever need to talk or rant or ask questions or just type to take your mind off food then do it on here, I have found there is always someone on here to help me.

    It is a shame that you can't exercise or get out and about as I bet your missing out on a lot of things. However exercise is not needed to lose weight you can do that with food alone but as you get further into your journey it does help to tone up and can help speed up weight loss once its slowed down.

    I am definitely routing for you to do well and am going to follow you to see how well your doing. Good luck and keep smiling :)


  • Hello there! Totally right about this forum, it's the most supportive and motivating group I've ever had the privilidged to be part of....I've got to burn off 5 stone....four and a half now! See how quick that was!? Top tip, post and reply to posts, especially when bored or when you usually comfort eat. Very distracting. It really works and it's life changing. Brilliant decision .....

  • Firstly as so many other people have said welcome and well done on making a start.

    I recommend you Google 'arm chair exercises'. There is a lot you can do whilst sitting. Any movement is better than none and whilst I totally understand your need to rest you need to move also.

    On the dvd I use, there is a disabled gentleman in a wheelchair and he has lost 100lbs! He does power walking with arms only!

    All the best on your journey to health

  • Wow your post sounds so similar to mine a few weeks ago! I too comfort eat and fully understand the vicious circle that consumes every thought, you start by feeling fed up and literally end up full up ! I started on the plan five weeks ago and hardly lost anything the first two weeks and boy did I want to give up, week three I craved every thing I couldn't have but I came on here got advice and support and now at the end of week five I have lost nine pounds and feel great. Please give it a go I'm sure you can do it and if you need any help feel free to get in touch, I've found that just being in contact with people that understand what I'm going through really helps,

    Hugs Tracey 😊

  • Hiya again...how are you doing after fifteen days in? Hope you're enjoying it!

  • I'm doing ok I think, thanks! Today is my first official week completed, but I moved my weigh day back to Monday so I could join the Monday weigh in thread to keep me motivated. As of Monday I had lost 4 1/2 pounds so that's what I'm calling it for week 1, and will just go from Monday to Monday now. They say you usually lose more in the 1st week so I'm hoping I might get 1-2 pounds loss next Monday, fingers crossed!

  • Hi I am new and am so impressed with the support on here ,I have a huge hill to climb (around 8 stone gulp ) so thought I would take it in baby steps and think of a stone at a time. Would love to be a part of the Monday weigh in as its amazing to have the support without feeling embarrassed! (I have tried diet clubs too long and ended up putting weight on) but this seems great to chat with people!

  • Hi, I think you are in a good place for support and motivation, for sure! If you look out every Monday morning for the weigh in post on this forum, it's usually posted by "Lowcal", and the title is usually something like "Please join us for a Monday weigh in..." followed by that particular Monday's date. It's pretty easy to find as it's very popular, and you literally just jump in and post what you lost or gained for that week by clicking "reply", or if just starting out you can introduce yourself, etc and then do your first weigh in the following Monday.

    Good luck on your journey, we can do it! :-)

  • Hi Weight warrior,

    That is so helpful thank you so much , I am really looking forward to joining you all as it can be a bit lonely having such a weight problem and I really lack the confidence I used to have , and it can be hard admitting that I have to take stock even to close family. I am so happy I have joined and it looks like you are already a true inspiration! Have a good week !!


  • I agree, it can be a lonely place, but we are all here together now so no worries there! I must admit, at times when I get a pleasant surprise about calorie content of something and I am enthusing about it to my hubby I think he tends to get a bit bored but I guess that's because he's lucky enough to not have to worry about his weight! A fellow weight warrior is much more likely to understand how good it is to know you can eat something without that "guilty feeling" attached to it!

  • Sorry if i posted in the wrong place not used to this yet!

  • Sorry it takes me ages to reply i am not very tech savvy and am working out how i get back to here !! hee thanks so much W.W I really am so excited about going forward and find reading these posts amazing as people are so lovely, I am bit slow on the posting front but will get there!! My hubby is the same he doesnt worry about weight but he is great with exercise etc! Where as exercise has never been my strong point!

    This forum and nhs plan seems a bit of a revelation as I feel like I spent too long on a guilty cycle of feeling bad if i don`t lose weight at meetings and things, but this feels like it is just take it day by day and see it as a lifestyle and something that isnt two strikes and i fail !!

    Good luck this week W.W and I hope I will get more able to post back quicker!!

    I feel really positive on day 2 and look forward to the mon weigh in!Yey

    Thank you for your support x

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