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Hail Caesar! Debating fashion attire whilst sauntering, cross legged, to the market - not easy

Following the sage advice of Epilepsia I drank an abundance of water prior to a little saunter yesterday. In more than one way it was a great relief when I reached Spenzicus Marc's. All had passed (I'm back to the saunter now) without a hitch so wil go back to daily strolling attended by lackeys and adoring hangers-on from now on.

Eventually I will get as fast as a scurry. I'll have to because otherwise I'm never going to get to wear the magnificent tunic. I gaze upon it morning to night when I am at the villa. Its splendour is a thing of great beauty. Hmm, is going out in something so wonderous a good idea? Perhaps I will look a touch feminine? As Caesar, are tassels and silver ric rac braid the image I'm trying to promote. Maybe it's a good job the tunic doesn't quite fit. Possibly I should speak to Yves from across the Rubicon before venturing out.

(Oh, if I'd only continued being the valiant king of last year I would not be suffering this fashion problem now. Would I look camp if I tried to butch the look up with a few leather thongs?)

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Hail Caeser,

Leather thongs mmmmm not sure

Pray to the Gods for inspiration



Yes! Never mind Yves, what would he know? Vesta, she's the one for me!


Hail Ceasar

If in doubt try pri Markus . They do wonderful lines in togas that don't fit properly.


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