Cycling - I like it!

I haven't been that excited about cycling because where I live is surrounded my fairly steep inclines.

I bought a bike a few years ago when I was about a week into a boot camp and loving exercise but my heart had a little tantrum halfway through the bootcamp (imagine that - smoking 40 a day for 40 years and then exercising hard core 3 hours a day at a residential bootcamp at 50 years old with 20+ stone on me - wussy heart!) . Oh and I halved my heart medication from a previous heart attack and continued to smoke about 10 a day while I was there - because thats what a smart person does at a residential boot camp! Sheesh *smh*

So anyways - the bike has only been used twice since I bought it.

So I decided it was time, threw the rack on the car, attached the bike and drove down to the cycle pathway a couple km's from me, which is a little less challenging than the hills round my house, and went for my first ride yesterday.

Wasn't really sure how to fiddle with the gears and only lasted 15 minutes before an incline with a grade of about 3% did me in :)

Spent some time later educating myself on the gears and today did about 25 minutes and covered about 4 miles.

What I liked was that about 10 minutes in things seemed to get easier and the endorphins started to flow and from that point I started to quite enjoy the challenge.

The cycleway has some hills and dips and is about 10 k's end to end so once I have mastered that and can get around it at decent speed I will feel a little better about getting out on the road in a couple weeks.

My goal is to eventually ride to and from work - which is about 14 km (9 miles) either way - I think is should be quite doable in the not too distant future :)

And my knees are happy chappies!



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25 Replies

  • Hi Dave, great read and well done. It's much easier on the knees riding a bike. Can still take it's toll going up hill, but less impact than running.

    Great job :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks for that :) and I definitely felt the difference in my knees today cycling versus walking. Much better for them.

  • Yay. Great idea to take your bike to the place you want to cycle in, rather than letting those hills overstretch you. I've had some great days out which started with putting my bike on a train out of London to somewhere where I could either cycle back in again, or cycle to another station and get another train back home. Once you start covering long distances it feels really empowering. Soon you'll be throwing bananas and bottles of water in a pannier and going off on epic treks :)

  • Its funny even that short ride surprised me at how far I was from home. I'd forgotten the freedom you used to have as a kid with your bike - I must have ridden for miles and miles every day and thought nothing of it it - like most of us I guess!

  • It's so good you've quit smoking and making the necessary changes to lose the extra weight by the way. 50 is much too young to be having heart problems. This can all be totally turned around, and you're a living example of how this can be done. Knowing you've been subjected to a residential boot camp in the past does partly explain your uncompromising approach to exercise though!

  • That's brilliant Dave well done. You should feel very proud of yourself even more so after recovering from your knee procedure.

    I think what is even more difficult for you is allowing yourself the time to pursue your new found activity when you put in such long hours at work.

    That takes determination and dedication.

    Big smiles all round :)

  • That is so nice of you to say - you're a sweetheart :)

    Fortunately my 12 hours day every day finished late last week so I am back to more normal times and even have a few mornings free which I like.

    I am so used to exercising now I was finding that I was ignoring my knee discomfort and continuing to walk hard on it because I just wanted to exercise - so I'm glad I am finding an alternative to enjoy.

  • Hi Dave,

    All sounds good and if it's easier on the knees happiness all round.


  • It's strange how exercise becomes compulsive and enjoyable. If you would have said to me at the beginning of last year that I would be going to the gym three times a week and be committed to going with a smile on my face, I would have fallen about laughing!!! Now when I can't go three times a week (or take regular exercise I hasten to add), then I feel really miserable & deflated.

    It's "My time", it's all about me doing something and feeling good about myself, so know exactly how you feel.

    I should imagine this is a pretty good time of the year too, before it becomes too hot, but then look at the extra calories you will sweat away with in the coming weeks!!!! :)

  • Its so true isn't it? Once you know what that endorphin rush feels like and get past that "I don't wanna" hump exercise can become sort of addictive :)

  • Great news, Dave. I love my bicycle and can still trounce a steepie (at 58 and overweight!), so just you keep pedalling. Check out online calorie-burning reckoners; I find these help fuel the feelgood factor. Oh, and cyclists' thighs... ;)

  • Have we got back onto Belleville Rendez Vous again? Def watch out for those cyclists' thighs. Not necessarily such a good thing... good stretching will help avoid that!

  • A much-loved DVD, RC :D I shall be focusing my Intercontinental Zoom Lens in order to espy the Lesser-spotted Oz MAMIL... ;) (Well done with all your trottings, by the way.)

  • Awww thanks :) and it looks like cycling trounces power walking for burning calories - bonus!

  • Great news Dave, well done! :)

  • First the cycle track!! Next the Tour Du France x

  • Maybe I'll start with a Tour Du Local Park and go from there :)

    Although I DO live not far from the site of the 2000 Olympics - Velodrome here I come lol

  • I'd love to have a go in the velodrome!

  • Hi Dave,

    That cycling sounds great, and glad to hear your knees are happy chappies too. That's really good!

    Enjoy all those great cycle rides, and the breeze in your hair!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Dave. I have just started cycling too. Not too many hills for me at the moment though. Brings back memories of childhood. Hope you crack the 10k track soon.

  • Oh believe me when I say that by hill I do not mean "hill" I mean an undulating flat piece of track with some bumps in it lol

  • You Rock Dave!

    There is no stopping you now .!

  • Great job, you are brave tackling the hills. I'm glad there are not too many steep bits near me.

    If you are going to try for 9 miles then I am going to have to up my game and have to get out practicing and try for 10 miles. It might well take me several months.

    Boot camp sounds like it was torture, it maybe I'm just a lazy moo and it scares the life out of me :)

  • I would be lucky to be doing the 9 miles by Christmas I reckon so you're safe for the moment :)

    It wasn't actually called a bootcamp - can't remember what oit was called now - and was designed for those of us who are plumper than others.

    I remember on day 4 was when I finally cracked and broke down because I just couldn't keep up and once that breakthrough for me happened I was totally into it, I remember playing this weird version of basketball and 30 mins into the game being exhausted and running round so much I eventually had to stop for 5 minutes because I thought I was going to throw up and I LOVED it lol

  • I don't know if it sounds like fun or sheer torture. Ok know what you mean though by getting past the horror and going into the pleasure bit.

    Exercise makes you feel just that little bit better.

    Sounds like you have come a long way and really changed a lot. You should be well proud of yourself:)

    Have a great weekend and don't work to hard.

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