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Beginning NHS weight loss plan



Today I'm joining the NHS weight loss plan. My current BMI is 25.6, the highest it's ever been. I was wondering if anyone has any success stories they'd like to share, after having undertaken the 12 week weight loss plan? Any tips for overcoming sugar cravings?

M x

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See my post. 'Sugar was my poison'.

I freeze grapes in little boxes about 6-8 per box and eat them frozen if I really want a sweet treat, but have cut out refined sugar (a month ago today) and really don't crave it anymore .

I was 63.7 kg bmi over 26 when I started the 12 weeks and at end of week 4 back to a healthy bmi 24.9 and 59.8kg.

It works and is doable.

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Am finishing week5 on Monday. Best bit is this forum which really helps to motivate

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Thanks so much for that advice! I think I will give up refined sugar too, it's so addictive.

Congratulations on your weight loss! How many calories do you try and stick to and how much exercise do you do per week?

M x

I am on 1200 but the nhs bmi calculator will tell you what you should aim for. Or an app called myfitnesspal will. It is great for working out what you consume and includes nutrition, not just calories.

I now do 5 dvd workouts with booster bands a week ( before work ) this is working for me but everyone on here works out what works for them..

At first I struggled with exercise but determined to park and stride, take the stairs etc . I upped it slowly. But now do at least 10000 step a day.

Also ,although I average 1200 a day I have 1000 some days and save calories for weekends or celebrations. Ie 2 days of 1000, 4 days of 11000 then I can have up to 2000 one day a week.

Not always that exact formula but you get the idea! I look at what my week is going to involve and plan ahead accordingly.


Ok perfect! Thanks for that. Hearing about your success is so motivating.

I will keep you posted on how things go.

M x

I've also mostly removed sugar from my diet, but slowly, and developed two recipes with no added sugar for sweet snacks in the afternoon to make sure I'm not craving something worse. One is for apple flapjacks and the other for banana loaf, both recipes are on recent posts on my profile. There are lots of hidden sugars in things like stir fry sauces, breakfast cereals, salad dressings etc. Also, cutting down on alcohol makes a huge difference too, if that's a big part of your diet (it was in mine).


Thanks for that advise! I will definitely check out those reciepes this weekend! I used to have those oats so simple pots for breakfast but today I started with organic porridge oats made with water. Start as you mean to go on!

I'm excited to see the results of this 12 week diet plan but I will definitely need some support

M x

And support you will get from all over the place when you post here.

I was eating very healthy for months on end but my downfall was a huge block of chocolate at the end of each day - from the supermarket as I drove home.

I was addicted to it - there is no other description for what was going on.

I basically had to white knuckle it for the first couple of days and used a few different tools to get home without stopping and once you have broken the habit for a few days in a row your willpower gets stronger and it becomes easier to manage.

I still have the occasional break out - like last week and I suffered a terrible sugar/carb hangover! - but once in 5 weeks is a heck of a lot better than once every day.

Welcome onboard and as others have said try the Myfitnesspal app and also commit to doing some exercise every day. A little is better than none and a lot is awesome :)


Thank you so much for your message Dave! I believe my time for getting a sugar fix is after dinner in the evening & then it just escalates. I realise this cannot continue so trying to find techniques to break this habit. Eg. calling a friend, taking a bath, watching a film etc.

How to you match up calorie intake with exercise exerted? What type of exercise do you tend to do?

M x

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Hi M,

My suggestions for sugar cravings are :

Low fat cottage cheese with pineapple

Hartleys no added sugar 10 cal jelly pots

I also allow myself a kit kat each evening in my calorie count, which I look forward to as my treat when I sit down at night :-)

Hail Caesar! Epilepsia told me my BMI is just over 35 - was I aware I am overweight? Does she think I have a mental age of under 5?

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Perhaps she was concerned you might not have noticed under that tunic ? :-)

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Good point! I can only just sit down without the press studs popping!

Sugar cravings ...perhaps treat as the addition it really is and go cold Turkey?trouble is its hidden in just about everything processed....

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