a recipe for a curry...by someone who started cooking two weeks ago!

I'm not joking when I said I didn't cook. So the task...can't really call it a recipe ...below was such a revaluation to me, it tastes lovely! Or perhaps I'm just not eating enough and am so hungry everything tastes good! The sauce stays nice and thick too.

Put an onion, ginger (lots or a little), cumin seeds (lots or a little), black mustard seeds.(lots or a little), garlic (guess...4 cloves is almost sociable ), 2tbls at least of your favourite curry powder (I like madras or jalfrazi) chillies if your Spader, 500 grams of passata and use a small amount of water to rinse the carton, then whatever you fancy from potato to peas, squash or cauliflour, but plenty of what you like..or meat...or fish

Don't bother frying or anything...just put it all into a pan and cook it. I added some splendor at the end to give it sweetness...but wouldn't do that again as Im trying to cut out as much sugar and the taste for it as possible.

At the end of the cooking put in spinach...loads if you love it. Let it wilt.

Make sure its cooked...try not to let it stick to the bottom of the pan....stuff you might already know....

I don't put salt in food ...just on the table...up to you.

If you like it brilliant πŸ˜ƒ if it turns out really badly can you just wait til you're really hungry and then try it again?

As for rice, if you haven't got much time, the rice pouches are good without lots of 'added' nasties.



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  • Ohhhh that sounds very good x def gonna have a try of this!! Uncle Bens are doing mini microwave pouches that are for one person but a little pricey at Β£2.50 for 3 packs.

  • Tesco have Β£4 for three large pouches of classic and Β£1 per pouch for savoury....takes 2mins for the whole browny healthy rice...takes ages to cook it apparently. Feel brave posting this as I can eat such utter rubbish and not notice it tastes awful. Let me know how it goes please.

  • If you hate cooking rice, then make your own pouches. Cook a load all at once, divide into portions in bags and freeze them. Then microwave each portion as you need it. This works with any dried foods. I cook things like lentils in bulk like this too.

  • Hi ruth, really hadn't thought of that...my mindset has been eat and don't waste...our freezer is in the garage, don't ask, but the plus side is I've forgotten that there's icecream in it so never venture there at night. Will do this though...save a few pounds towards the new dresses and tiaras. X

  • I know I repeat this freezer theme a lot, but honestly it's such a good way to save time and also pennies. And it fits in with the don't waste attitude we've built up while putting on weight. It feels better to put the extra in the freezer rather than have to put it in the bin :)

  • I've reposted your flap jack and freeze idea several times! It's got me out of cake with friends without looking like a martyr.

  • Yay! I'll be carrying my banana cake in its small tupperware this weekend in case my bf wants to go for tea and cake somewhere. It's like cake insurance :)

  • Cake insurance! LOVE IT!πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰

  • Well I didn't know that!! Thanks will try this too x

  • You could replace the splenda with sultanas. Recipe sounds great :) The 12 week plan recommends sticking to tomato based sauces, and this is a great example of one. I'm inspired to restock my currently quite depleted spice box :)

  • I like that idea.of sultanas....how much?......a little or a lot lol? Yeah, just a little. As for the spices, the little gift boxes of cute tins of spices we had a Christmas have been used up over the last two weeks so I never know what my food will taste like. Magical mystery tour of taste.

  • Sultanas are quite high in sugar, which is why they're good for adding sweetness, but this means you shouldn't go overboard with how many you add. Moroccan/middle eastern dishes use them a lot. I would go with just a little, approx 1 tablespoon per person. Another tip for tomato-based sauces that taste a bit too sharp, you can add a tiny bit of bicarbonate of soda. Like the tiniest amount on the tip of a teaspoon. This contains zero calories :)

  • Never heard of the bi carb idea before....will try it. πŸ˜„

  • Another thing that might help with the sweetness is to add cumin powder, not just seeds. I find cumin adds a bit of a sweet taste to curries (but then I like cumin, so might not be to everyone's taste !). Only one adaptation I might suggest is to fry (even dry fry) off the spices (especially the seeds) first to get maximum flavour from them.

    Anyway, sounds yum and my mouth is watering - curry for breakfast anyone !

  • Cumin and sultanas is a great combo too :)

  • Making me hungry... :-) Do you think I could add cumin and sultanas to my porridge - curried porridge !! Ya boo sucks to Dave's peanut butter porridge :-) :-)

  • Now you're just being weird :)

  • I think too much exercise is making me hallucinate... :-D

  • Please please try it and let us know what it's like.....

  • Love it!!

  • hi Hannalou, it's my best effort to date...but this could be the new me...I've been inspired by the posts.

  • Curry can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Try doing exactly the same recipe in a slow cooker, it will surprise you how different it tastes!! Turn the slow cooker on the night before on its lowest setting and just leave until your evening meal the following day. The depth of flavour is amazing.

    You have found your cooking mojo, feels great doesn't it? You will find yourself inventing and adapting recipes with ease and confidence. Superb hun, just superb 😊

  • Sounds really good. Will try that. My mum and dad used to cook carrots in a pressure cooker. The taste is so different....memories from childhood. (Always healthy with my mum and dad!)

  • Well look at you being all Jamie Oliver :)

    I love cooking and I love it when other people see how satisfying and enjoyable it can be.

    Well done and I'll definitely try it.

    I was about to sound like your father telling you that its not that hard to throw some rice in water and wait 10 minutes....but I won't :)

    Brown rice takes 30 mins - if you put it on first before you do anything else then it would be cooked by the time you are ready to serve up and it really is a tastier healthier rice to have. I like its nutty flavour.

    1 cup cold water 1/2 cup brown rice in a saucepan bring to boil and simmer for 25 mins. The rice will absorb all the water in that time. Easy :)

  • Ha! My dad would be horrified to know that I'm wasting my hard earned on rice pouches. I'm giggling as I type this as winding up parents can be such fun. ...and as for Jamie Oliver ....before I get too big for my boots, I'll let you know how the rice goes.πŸ˜‰

  • Tesco do 'quick cook' brown rice which takes 20mins, even quicker! I appreciate this may not be available in Oz though...

  • Let's all go to oz and find outπŸ˜€

  • You could buy one of those microwave rice steamers - we have one, and they are great. Very easy to set going and the money you spend on it will easily be recouped from the savings you make on not buying the pouches :-)

  • I was going to say the same. I've had my microwave rice cooker for 10 years or so. Bung in rice, splash in a bit of water and ping for 15 minutes. Hey presto - perfect rice. Brown rice takes 20 minutes. Lift out the strainer and serve it. I often put veg in the rice and use stock instead of the water.😊

  • I learned how to cook rice from the Grandmaster of rice making a Mr Chow Wing Denboy aka my dad and his secret was to soak the rice all day in a pot and then rinsing it before you cook it.

    Apparently it takes all the starch out and makes it a little healthier and if I'm honest it has always worked really well for me. I must say that I am lazy and do use the pouches and the brown rice ones taste just as good.

    I did make a Thai Green Curry using the Philladelphia light recipe a few years ago and it was amazing and I'm def going to try that again soon.

  • You're a hidden gem! Love Thai but thought it would be too calorific. Is it ok on 1600 cals and Do you think I'd manage it?

  • If you google Thai Green Curry Philidelphia it shows you the recipe on the web and it comes in around 280cals per serving, I think?? So I'm sure you can manage it x x I think I'm gonna try it this evening and will post a picture of it for you x x

  • Goodness hun, 1600kcals a day will see you some fantastic curries from thai to indian. When I get home from my few days away, i'll root some curry and accompaniment recipes. Any preference? 😊

  • I'll try anything! The 1600 will fall with my BMI...thank you ShellieπŸ˜ƒ

  • Btw it's very easy to make x

  • You're gonna have to post a recipe!πŸ˜‰

  • Ok...I'll stop being pathetic and look at google

  • Sounds really nice, my dog walking pals were all talking about making curry this morning!!. It's still wet and cold in Newcastle.

    Will give it a go, and I'm not much of a cook either.


  • You don't even have to fry the onions...so not sure if we can call it cooking...more like putting food in a pot and heating it up...πŸ˜‰

  • Wow, I'm feeling hungry having just read those great suggestions - I've copied and pasted your recipe for curry, Portlandprincess, and will definitely give it a go - maybe next week sometime. Will look forward to it!

    I'm hoping to do Ruth's version of the Banana cake over the weekend as well - really looking forward to trying it too.

    Wishing everyone a great weekend, it's nearly here!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi low cal...let me know how it goes.....don't think I've got the skills for banana cake as yetπŸ˜‰

  • I will do, and I'm sure you've got the skills to make the banana cake. :-)

  • This looks amazing. Totally making that for my Sunday lunch tomorrow. :-)

  • I'm gonna try slow cooking next time as suggested by Shellie...hope it goes wellπŸ˜‰

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