Day 4 - Constipated!

Still making healthy choices, took a ham sandwich with no butter to work and snacked on fruit... Having a drink tonight but sticking to vodka with fizzy water and squash.. yes I know its bad but I enjoy a drink, if I have to give it up I won't stick to the plan!

..oh and I was offered a chip and I said NO!! That has never happened in my life ever!


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5 Replies

  • That's good, I too eat sandwiches and fruit for lunch - very healthy. maybe add a yoghurt for calcium

  • Hi Becky, well done you! ....turned down a chip....which always ends up as two...or three depending on The strength of the freindship.😉

  • Well done - you should feel really proud of yourself - chips are one of my big weaknesses!

    Consider supplementing with magnesium. Its great for your body, is a relaxant in all sorts of ways and its the main ingredient in many laxatives.

    I have been taking it for ages for my heart and a problem with depression - I feel better than I have in years and I'm regular as a clock :)

  • Jerusalem Artichokes. But stay within potty-range until they have marched through you (you wont have to wait long) - ignore this warning at your peril! I had no idea how potent they were and went on a long walk. Not funny, I can tell you; but they do work - and are known for it, I have since found out. I was just trying them out - a Jamie Oliver recipe. I should sue that man... Good luck! :D

  • All good suggestions above, also if you're only on day 4 and you were previously eating greater quantities of food your gut may just be taking a few days to adjust and may well sort itself out over the next few days. If not ready to eat prunes also work well ( used these after abdo surgery) 😀

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