This is my witching hour!

Hi, I hate this this time of the day- kids mealtimes. Spare bits of left over pizza, Chucky chips coated in vinegar, the lonely chicken nugget - all so tempting. To be honest food off the kids plates is one of my downfalls (one of many I might add lol) BUT I stayed strong. Not one naughty morsel touched my lips. Instead I happily ate my low fat 10 cal jelly 😀😀. As soon as the kids finished, I poured washing up liquid onto the plate (inc food) to stop any temptation. Practice makes perfect x


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4 Replies

  • Well done for resisting :) I read that eating off kids plates is one of those hidden calorie issues people don't realise they are eating.

    Not sure how old your children are but can they start to clear their own plates into the bin? That way the temptation will be gone as soon as they leave the table.

    I was going to mention the washing up liquid trick but you've obviously got that one sussed :)

  • I love the washing up liquid tip - and aren't 10 cal jellies a godsend - best invention ever :-) :-)

  • Now that's a good idea with the fairy liquid! Devon, you could patent that. We just hate waste...but we don't want it on our waist....😄

  • Haha I do the washing up liquid trick too! 😄

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