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Varied diet

Hi I have been on a diet since last Monday so thats 12 days - tonight I'm having rice and vegetables for dinner with a few chips. All nights and lunches I've been having fresh fruit and vegetables with some form of protein like fish. Still walking, but finding the exercise harder than the healthy eating because I feel kind of lazy, but I have tried to do as much as I can without making myself feel awful.

I am enjoying my diet so far and it is actually quite tasty. As well as fish for dinner, does anybody recommend anything else I could regular that is low in calories? Thanks love Gus

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Are you tracking your calories and how many are you allowing yourself a day?

I like this one with a chicken breast and some spices - I serve with mashed sweet potato with ginger and some peas total cals about 450.


Its hard to know what to suggest because you have not given much info about your situation.

It sounds to me though that you are not having enough calories?

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Re feeling lazy when you're trying to exercise, do you have an ipod or something that you could load up with music that makes you feel good? When I did couch to 5k, one of the best parts was the motivating music on the podcasts. Dave1961's suggestion of listening to 'cut the fat' podcasts is good too. If you're listening to things that actively encourage you to keep doing the exercise, while exercising, then it's win-win!

For low calorie meal ideas, how about looking at things you can flavour with spices and herbs. Lots of asian dishes are quite healthy, as long as you avoid sugary sauces. Also, as a vegetarian, I recommend looking at lentil/chickpea based recipes, which are high protein but very healthy too. Quorn is also a good source of low calorie protein. But fish is ace, and there's so many different types of fish you can try, just keep looking for new ideas, always add something new into the mix, and you won't get bored :)


hi thanks for your help - I'm eating 3 meals a day but I'm finding it hard to eat 2000 calories especially as its mainly fruit and vegetables I'm eating, but I'm not underweight I'm over weight never the less. thanks for the help with the iPod - i do have one and will use it more often

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Don't forget to include a bit of everything in your diet. Even while losing weight you need to keep eating a certain amount of calories, carbs, fat, but just watch how much of each. There are lots of hidden vitamins and minerals in different foods that you need to have enough of too, and eating a range of foods is generally a good way of making sure you get enough of these. If you're feeling sluggish during your walks because of low calories, you will burn less than if you're fired up from a well-rounded meal, and march off at a brisk pace. Enjoy filling that ipod up with motivating songs and podcasts and lots of luck with making the changes you need to do to see weight loss start to happen. Maybe check you are consuming the right amount of calories using the NHS BMI calculator. Feel free to keep asking questions on here too :)


My daughter has just made a veggie curry with squash and sweet potato...huge huge plate is 450 cals including the brown rice! It freezes too


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