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Hi there, I have a membership to a local lovely gym, has

Gym, classes, pool, jacuzzi etc and this morning I was thinking of cancelln my membership!! It is expensive and life is busy...and in my head Im thinkn I could get an excercise bike and do that before work and then walk at night and then chill, when I go to the gym

In evening I seem be away for hours!!

However Im hittn 50 and need drop some pounds and also originly joined for the BP


Im now thinkn I should not cancel, do you think I could get the same benefits at home?


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I don't think its something we can answer for you, simply because there are some people who gymn works for and some who it doesn't - you have to decide which one you are.

In response to the rest of this? Sure life is busy. Life is busy for Barack Obama but the leader of the free world still gets 30 minutes a day exercise.

I am exaggerating but I am sure you see my point. Its about priorities and making time.

If you are starting not like gym because its dragging you away from home too much then you will become unmotivated by it and it just won't work.

On the other hand will you actually use an exercise bike? How much do you use one now? If you are not a big fan of using one at the gym why would that change when its at home?

How many exercise bikes are now used as clothes racks in the U.K. today? A lot I suspect.

In the end only YOU can answer your question but be honest with yourself and shrug off life is busy excuses and really decide what it is that will keep you motivated with exercise.


I agree with Dave1961 that we can't answer for you however, the gym isn't working for you for some reason so you clearly need a rethink on the exercise front.

I've found that I don't resent the time I spend exercising if I enjoy the exercise - do you think that's part of your issue? Might be worth investing in a few PT sessions to explore different ways of using the gym that you may find more appealing and/or trying some of the classes if you haven't already. Also, if you're doing the C25K program, you could hook up with someone locally to go running with you - that doesn't take much time and the social aspect might appeal to you.

Have fun! X


Thanks...yup I think I was just saying out loud what was on my mind last thing at night LOL!! I wont cancel it the now cos I do go and I do like specific classes, even though if u dont book early enough they are full!!


It all depends on your mind set. I found that I had an exercise bike at home with all good intentions but it became a clothes hanger. I then had access to using a gym and found that it was better to go there three times a week for about an hour- gets you out as well. I think if you are paying for the gym then you motivate yourself to use it rather than wasting your money.


If you want the cross trainer or the treadmill which are gathering dust in my garage let me know! (LOL)

If you are paying for it go and use it. If you are a busy person you need to exercise, if you area avery busy person you need to exercise even more!

I got a lot out of the classes - circuits - to start with. I still use it when the weather is bad. I run and cycle and us the gym a bit. It depends on the cost and the value it gives you. Give it a month and use it intensively and see how you feel.


I've heard trainers say the best kit is your own body. I understand what this means but we all need a bit of motivation. If GYM works, then keep it up. How about a real bike? Would that work for you? Only you can answer.

With space at a premium I have an exercise pedaller. It's just pedals on a stand and you sit on one of your own chairs. Whatever you can keep up will be good.

Not sure if that helps.

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I have an exercise bike that I've had for a few years, used a handful of times. It's not a clothes horse .... Yet!! I joined the gym in Jan, go about 3-4 times a week. I go in the morning before work. Could u fit it in in the morning? For me I need the gym, all good intentions I just don't use my bike in the house. It's a pain sometimes dragging myself out of bed and sometimes I really really can't be bothered but I'm always glad I go and feel better for it.


I get more exercise cycling to work and doing parkrun at the weekend than I used to when I was a member of a gym. Running is free, you can do it anywhere at anytime and you don't need any special equipment. I like this pic;



Great pic Portmoon! I'm also all for free low-cost and even money saving exercise. I'm out all day today with a packed lunch, having travelled into town by bike, and if I don't succumb to a coffee, will go home not having spent anything today too (but I prob will get the coffee). So I've saved money by not taking the tube, and am getting bonus exercise too. Also I did a run this morning down my local free canals. And some squats and stretches at home, for free. Maybe I should shut up now before someone slaps me for being so smug! But it can be done without spending a fortune! I use this forum as my motivation :)


Thanks for all the replies!! I could make time before work but need leave before 8 for work and basically ive decided im not a morning person LOL!! excuses excuses 😭 I was so focused when joined 9 months ago..but thing maybe im at that stage most people get to when little niggles annoy me...payin £60 month the now and hate when my classes are full lol!! I will see how I feel end of month but are takn all your ideas onboard!! And I loved the pic of park gym 👍 x


I was a member of a gym then I started to do workouts from home. I do an intense workout 4 mornings a week while fasted. I am totally convinced that my fitness levels have gone up since leaving the gym. Do a mixture of interval training which is easy to do at home although not an easy workout and weights. Bought a cheap set of vinyl weights from Argos (£30) and a cheap £30 foldaway bench from Amazon. I do lots of reps with fairly light weights so it's not about body building.

Plenty of advice re interval training online and also weights. I tend to do a mixture of German volume training and DTP training. This involves up to 300 reps per workout and although it sounds a lots there are short breaks in between and the total time spent on my workout is approx 50 minutes at most.

Got the cost of the equipment back in saving 6 weeks of gym membership. I was also never comfortable in the gym environment.

It does take a lot of self discipline to train at home and on work days I am up at 5am, but 4 months in, unless on holiday I never miss a session even though I wouldn't say I enjoy it but enjoy the benefits.


So many people have posted the benefits of parking a few roads from work, getting off the bus a few stops early, ....take the stairs...are there ways of weaving exercise naturally into your life?


Thanks...Andy yup

Good ideas...that was my plan early mornings on work days!! Portlandprincess Yup I do have quite an active life and Ive always walked...but jf i quit the gym I need to be more focused at home!! 👍


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