Day 2 and 3 - have resisted temptation!

Yesterday I went walking in Clumber Park (got drenched!), snacked on nuts and berries all the way round ..I was actually hoping I could entice a cute squirrel with them but this did not happen! We went to the cafe and I had a plain ham sandwich on wholemeal bread - it was crap and it cost me £3.95!!! ..but nether the less I chose it over all the fattening alternatives, which I am really proud of!! I didn't have crisps with it either! Homemade chicken curry for tea.

Today I've felt really tired, been on training for work and when offered the menu for the lunch option, I nearly caved and had something bad, but I opted for a jacket potato with beans and salad - no butter! Had a jacket potato for dinner too with ham and salad, ...I had a little bit of Lurpack on the spud - thats not too bad is it?... or is it? Please don't tell me I have to give up Lurpack!!!


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16 Replies

  • A little bit of what we like is not bad. We just have to make sure we count any extras.

    Sounds like you made some really good choices, well done

    Have a Good day tomorrow

  • Hi, didn't want to read and run. New to this myself so can't comment on the Lurpack.

    Well done for being strong and selecting the healthy option x

  • My friend loves butter and a small 50 cal knub is not enough for her. So it's just a case of asking what you really want to have with you 1400....nothing is a no go area. ........but it perhaps wasn't a ham on did good choosing the healthy option! Onwards....

  • If you were using Myfitnesspal to log your food you would know exactly whether or not the Lurpak was OK :P

    Isn't it frustrating to try and find good healthy alternatives - everything seems to be drenched in fat, cheese, sugar - I spent $17.00 the other day for a sliver of grilled fish and some salad when I could have spent $10 and gotten 3 times as much food from KFC!

    Well done on your healthy choices - these days they can be very hard to maintain!

  • Yes healthy stuff does appear to be more expensive!!

  • Sounds like your doing well at making good choices! What plan you on? £3.95 is crazy!!

  • Im trying the 12 week plan, not been counting my calories tho, ...naughty becky! I'm just enjoying making healthier choices at the mo and discovering healthier alternatives to cook.

  • Well done Becky. As has already been said, track what you eat using My Fitness Pal if you have any doubts.

    At least you avoided Bacon's pies Retford lass!!!

    Keep up with the great work. X

  • I do need to start counting my calories!

  • Great going Becky - jacket potato and beans is a brilliant idea I must remember that next time I end up at the pub with colleagues. Enjoy yr day.

  • Hey lady - you did well.

    There's a lot of good advice here - measure what you eat! The impression we have about what is healthy or otherwise can be really distorted! Most catered food has a nice cheap lump of carbs at the centre of it. Bread, Rice, Spuds for example. Loads of staples have a load of sugar in them to make them palatable. Take a while to start learning exactly what you are eating - its not just carbs but there is also the impact it might have your insulin levels!

  • Thank you! You really are the font of knowledge arnt you??!!

  • Love your username! :-)

  • She needs to die! Fat Becky has ruled my life for too long!

  • It sounds like you made some good choices. If you measure your lurpack and allow for it within your daily allowances then of course it's fine. I also get jacket potato when out, when I can. They're filling and often come with loads of salad :)

  • I do love a nice jacket spud!

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