Well I replaced the broken Dvd player on Monday. Went back to work after long school holiday on Tuesday and promised myself that I would do my walking/resistance Dvd every week day morning before work. Yesterday was not a problem. Did the 2mile/ 35 minutes with resistance, breakfast, shower and on to work. Yesterday we had a couple of lectures and as far as my job goes it was a fairly sedentary day.

Day2 this morning. Well last night I had a shockingly bad nights sleep. Got up and put my trainers on to do my dvd workout and Dave1961 my 'Bert' voice started up telling me that I couldn't do it without having had a good sleep. Give up now. Who works out before work anyhow? Well I did about 20 minutes. Walked 1 mile but Bert won the round saying not to do the 2nd mile with resistance. ... Mmmm

On to work. Well today I had to home visit some of the new kids. Was given a list of addresses and decided to walk between the addresses. I have walked 13.25 km and taken well over 18,800 steps. I walked over a railway bridge using the stairs 6 times, I took the stairs on all but the very last appointment in the flats (well it was on the 6th floor and my much younger colleague refused to walk up)

I am now totally exhausted and my feet are still tingling!. Kind of glad my Bert voice stopped me doing the extra mile with resistance first thing this morning! . But I think I have done good and am sure I'll sleep well tonight. My colleague who accompanied me is convinced that I am mad, but graciously walked with me even though she wanted to use the lifts all the time,, and the car most of the time .... feeling proud of myself! Yes 'Bert' I do need to do 2 miles with resistance tomorrow so Shut up!

I know I am out visiting all day again tomorrow and will probably do another crazy load of steps but it won't kill me and I can do it....urgh I can do it. I will do it and my ' Bert' won't stop me.....

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10 Replies

  • Sound like you had a cracking day! I just wouldn't have the energy to do ask of that - hopefully one day, but not yet!

    You are doing really well, keep it up!!!

  • Thanks NiCherry my 'Bert' voice won a battle but I think I won the war with him today! Hoping all this walking will get a good result on weigh in day!

  • Wow, Bert gets around. Hope you had good footwear and didn't get so worn out you can't do it all again tomorrow!

  • I was wearing my running shoes for the mile I did with the Dvd. My work footwear was not great, just a pair of flat ballet pump style shoes. At least I didn't wear heels!

    Tomorrow I think I may were my running shoes all day!

  • I feel exhausted just reading this post - well done 2bFabnfit, sounds like you had a great day :-)

  • Sounds like you nailed it! Pretty soon your Bert will be egging you on for the extra mile - just wait.

  • Hi 2B, your on a roll!

  • Woo hoo!!!

    Love it - its such a nice feeling when we get the best of Bert and really show him who the boss is :)

    And 18800 steps? Whoah - that's huge! Congrats !

    I know how good that can feel - I did 16,000 on Tuesday and felt very smug :D

    "well it was on the 6th floor and MY MUCH YOUNGER COLLEAGUE REFUSED TO WALK UP"

    OMG that is SO funny I love it - go you!

  • Bert lost! I just did 35 mins of walk inc 20 mins with booster cable. 2 miles done before brekkie.

  • Amazing effort, well done you. At this rate your 'Bert' will very soon be none existent.

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