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Hi All.

I hope you are all doing well in both your lives and on your healthy lifestyle journeys.

I have been a busy bee workwise and having to entertain family and my kids over the summer holidays. So apologies

I am glad to say the weight loss is still coming along nicely and I can just about fit into primark size 18 ( But still a lil tight on the lower belly!!). So I am motivated to go that extra mile and lose my tum tum. I am still keeping up the disappearance acts into the toilet to do a bit of HiiT and still doing brisk walks home. I actually now do walking mixed with a slow jog.

The healthy Lifestyle Journey cont...... :)

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Welcome back! I love the sound of your HiiT disappearance acts! If you're mixing walking and jogging then you're practically doing the couch to 5k programme already too ;)


Hi Pantheress67,

Welcome back! Great to hear your healthy lifestyle journey is continuing, and you're doing well. Great that you're doing your HiiT and brisk walks home, and mixing the walking with some jogging - sounds really good!

Lowcal :-)


Ohh HiiT - get it now :-)


Even when I was an 18 , I couldn't fit into a pri mark size 18!


Thats fantastic and I LOVE getting in random bits of exercise here and there.

I am often seen doing a few squats at my desk or racing up and down the fire stairs every couple hours at work :)

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Good morning Pantheress, nice catch up -fun to read. I hope the kids get through their back to school day with ease and that you get a chance to exhale. I love the idea that you break into the slow jog and I imagine your brisk walks are getting pretty fierce. Enjoy your week🚶🏻🏃🏼


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