Week 1 & Feeling concerned ๐Ÿ˜•

Week 1...It's only Wednesday & I feel like I'm not doing well at all. Monday saw me eating 1500 calls so 300 over my daily allowance. Tuesday I was good all day but went & spoilt all my good work by having 2 beers & 2 packets of crisps and today I feel so stressed after work I could quite easily eat & drink everything in sight.

Tonight is normally my treat night as it's the only night we are all at home with no clubs, football etc so I normally have a few wines over a nice family meal. Any suggestions how I could handle today/tonight?

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  • Hi there :)

    Not much advice I can give you as its my first week too and iv had pretty much the same kind of week as you, just wanted to say your doing well for making a change and starting. Don't be too hard on yourself it is week 1 and we are all bound to make mistakes, however I know how your feeling.keep going chick x

  • I appreciate your reply...venting helped to be honest. I'm going to go for a walk to counteract having a few glasses of wine to help de stress me ๐Ÿ˜Š and make a good choice dinner. I hope your week gets better too

  • Normally feel better after a rant lol :) good idea! Chicken and brocolli for my tea tonight, looking forward to a healthy tea :) thank you chick x

  • Don't lose heart! Maybe treat yourself in another way that does not involve food or drink? Or substitute a couple of glasses of wine with something lighter? Easier said than done, I know. Good luck!

  • Thx for your reply....much easier said than done ๐Ÿ˜‚unfortunately Im definitely not ready to for go my wine & I know the impacts on my weight but just love a wee glass at night.

    Good luck this week

  • Decide in advance how much you will have for your treat night and stick to it. I find if it's easier to stick to the plan than to stray then I tend to stick. E.g. pour out the wine you're planning to have into X number of wine glasses and cling film them, then freeze the rest of the bottle.

    Any snacks that you tend to be tempted by after dinner, put them somewhere difficult to reach, preferably in a difficult to open box with a sticky lid, or if possible, remove them from the house altogether.

    When dinner's been made, after all portions have been served, put leftovers straight into tupperware in the fridge/freezer, so you're not tempted to have leftovers.

    Also find something to keep your hands/feet busy. Things like sewing/doing nail polish/preparing a feet soak, these all make it more difficult to get up and grab another snack. If you can find something like this which also helps you relax and feels like a real treat, then it's win win. Non-food treats are totally the way to go.

    If you do have something unplanned, such as yesterday's crisps/beer, try to work out why this happened, and instead of feeling bad about it, focus your energy into fixing the root of the problem instead. Good luck!

  • Thx for your reply...such really helpful ideas & I will definitely try putting some of these into action.

  • This was one of the first things I asked people on here about too. I had to really break my wine habit. There are other things you can do too, like plan to alternate alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, have spritzers with half wine half fizzy water, load your plate with salad so the calorific element has to take up less room (people are less likely to comment on a plate loaded with salad than a half empty plate). Just keep gathering all these ideas and find your own strategies that work for you. And most of all enjoy your treat night, but on your own terms :)

  • Hi Emma,

    Hope you cope with the remainder of the day ok, and enjoy your evening. I don't have any suggestions to add - as Ruth has given you some excellent tips and strategies.

    Just wanted to wish you the best for the remainder of the week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Emma. Well Done for giving off here rather than the off licence! Firstly are you sure that 1200 Cals is enough? I started off being really hard line and aimed for 1100, which I could do and it started my weight loss off OK but I felt lousy on it. Put it up to 1500 - I continue to lose weight, had more energy and really increased my activity levels. Perhaps this might work for you too.

    You are always going to experience times of stress - especially from work. Are you always going to use alcohol to de-stress? Hey- I was a teacher - so been there & done that. I had to ask myself if alcohol was really helping me. Sure I got a few hours of being relaxed but in the end I had to fess up and knock it on the head.

    We all need to find ways of relaxing, de-stressing, socialising etc which are healthy. I now like a walk, a good book, (You will also note the past tense of I was a teacher!) What would work for you?

    Long hot soak? A Massage? A Swim? Endless pots of tea? When we are making changes we have to, well, make changes! So perhaps one of your jobs (as it was mine) was to re-positon alcohol and relaxation in our lives.

    We also have to learn about stress and deal with this in better ways. Jobs are supposed to be fun, interesting, challenge us, remunerate us, give us some stress but not too much. At the end of the day its just a job!

    Giving off on here is always, always, always, a good thing to do!

    Hope you have a fab evening - and remember the more you do the more you learn. The More you Learn the more you Change!

  • Thanks everyone I really appreciate all your comments. Although not over ๐Ÿ˜ I think tonight has been a success ๐Ÿ˜Š I decided to have chicken stirfry for dinner (good choice) rather than stay at home we decided to go visit my mum & I had lots of tea โ˜•๏ธ I'm now at home looking forward to relaxing with a little telly & rather than wine I've decided to enjoy 2 G&Ts (I think good choice )

    I hope everyone else has had a good day bring on tomorrow ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Big hooray for the tea :) and 2 G&Ts can definitely be accommodated as long as they don't creep up or become too frequent :) Also had a good day. Another victory here for no drinking on a weekday (don't always manage it, but keep trying :) )

  • Hi there!

    Have you tried using the nhs choices bmi checker? I did and was surprised to learn I could have as much as 2200 calories a day!!!! I'm assuming that I am heavier than you, so your allowance would probably be lower?

    I'm still re-learning how to eat sensible meals, but I have been using lots of herbs and spices to jazz my food up a bit!

    If healthy eating is very new to you, then maybe baby steps are needed? I only started counting this week, but I have spent the past month making changes - wholemeal bread not white, skimmed Milk not whole, etc. etc.

    Whatever you do, DON'T beat yourself up over a few calories....you are on a steep learning curve, and you can't expect to to get it all right straight away.

    Good luck!!!

  • I got the 1200 cal from myfitnesspal but I do think it's a little low...I'm very heavy at 16st 3lbs and 5ft tall I'll give your suggestion a go & see if it tells anything different

  • Hi Emma, well done you for getting back into the zone.if you can, think of this as a life change and not a race. Great advice about the BMI ...I can have 1600 cals and knowing this helps me eat closer to 1400 . I know, we're all so contrary! Keep on keeping on...little by little, day by day...

  • Hi Emma

    I would be concerned as well.

    If you can not stick to this for even a single day then there is something wrong.

    You are so busy listening to the voice in your head telling you that it has to eat chips, it has to have beer, it needs treats you are not actually trying at all to follow a diet.

    This voice has kept you fat and unhappy and unhealthy. It actually started as a voice to protect you from harm and discomfort but as your love affair with food grew it learned what you liked best and now that has become a problem.

    Read the following - Bert is my nemesis and he is much like your inner voice...


    Set yourself some goals and stick to them. 1200 cals seems low - are you sure thats your daily allowance???

    Are you doing exercise? If not set yourself a challenge of doing 30 minutes walking every day for 30 days no excuses WHAT SO EVER. If you don't have time MAKE time - get up earlier, watch 30 mins less TV but do it.

    Stop allowing that voice to tell you its tired, unhappy, hungry, need a nap - its in your head - your BODY does not want any of that stuff it wants to be healthy and feel good.

    Get out that door every day and do 30 mins - even if you have to crawl, do it.

    I guarantee you at the end of 30 days you will actually look forward to it. I finished my 30 days yesterday I can't wait to get out from my walk after walk this arvy.

    Decide now whether you quit or you get up, dust yourself off and actually try to get this sorted for your body's sake.

    A lot of people here spend a lot time energy helping others but you have to do your part as well and give it a good go.

    You can do this. I KNOW you can.

    Make your body love you and stop listening to that brat in your head :)

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