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On the rebound!

Having lost and regained a stone and a half, I'm almost back to square one and somewhat demoralised. It's encouraging to read about your weight loss journeys and I look forward to moving back to my target weight of ten and a half stone. I'm currently just over 12.

Given the struggles I've had with my weight over the years, I have sometimes begun to think that I am simply not meant to be slim. I wonder if others have experienced this type of thinking.

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I started my journey at the same point as you and am now 3lb away from 10st7, which is also my goal weight, same as you. I couldn't get the weight to shift through any of my common sense methods, by doing couch to 5k, being an active person generally, cyclist etc, or by eating what I considered were healthy meals. For me the NHS 12 week weight loss plan made the difference, as well as all the amazing support on here. So it's not a case of not being meant to be slim.

Also having lost the weight before, try to do it in a way that you can keep up this time. I really feel like the NHS plan does that, as it helps you develop a different outlook and attitude to healthy eating. This site is great for keeping people accountable once they're at the point where they're maintaining their goal weight too. Lots of luck :)


Thanks so much for your reply Ruth. It's very useful to hear your perspective. I've been considering the NHS 12 week plan and your comment has made me determined to give it a try. Thanks again and all the best.

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Lots of people on here are following/have followed the NHS 12 week plan. For the amount of weight you are hoping to lose, 12 weeks is a very good period of time to follow a plan, and you come out the other end with good habits as well as a weight loss result. Keep that determination and lots of luck :)


Do or not do, there is no try!

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Hi Avid! I think you are perfectly describing a limiting belief. That was me too, before the 12 week plan. I've been overweight since I was a kid. I was the school fat boy, although these days I'd pass completely un-notice! Even on the few periods of my life when I haven't been as overweight, I'm my head I've been the same fat boy.

Even now when I'm successfully losing weight, had to throw out 20 pairs of trousers as they were too big for me last week, when I look in the mirror, I'm the fat boy still.

My original weight loss goal was to get to the weight I was last week. I'd still be in the overweight BMI range, but 'What do they really know anyway?' was my response.

I'm a big bloke so BMI won't apply to me . . . .

I've got down to what, historically has been my smallest adult waistline so I should be happy at that. Surely. Thats going to be the limit?

But I can still plainly see loads of fat to lose. So whats going on? That's my limiting belief in action.

I've learned so much on the 12 week plan. I've learned what a healthy diet consists of. I've learned how easy it is to lose weight. I've learned to love being active again and regaining a level of fitness I haven't seen of three decades . . . And the big one is I've had to learn that I limit myself by my beliefs. Beliefs which have all recently gone PING!

I can lose weight. I can be very active on 1500 cals a day. I can continue to lose weight systematically to get towards the healthy BMI range.

Saying 'Oh they are just limiting beliefs!' is way too glib -this processes about continual learning and embedding new habits into our daily lives.

Half a bag of cement gone in 9 weeks and another half to go in the next 9. I just didn't believe it and now I can. So can you!

Get stuck into the 12 week plan - let it be your master and do what it suggests. Measure everything you eat, everything you do and get some good scales to weight yourself on. When you lose 100g you need the feedback!

If I can do this so can you!

Keep posting!


P.S. Aim for -1 KG a week! 10 weeks easy!


Thanks very much for your words of encouragement Andrew. I have indeed developed a limiting belief around weight loss and it's time to address it. I start the 12 week plan on Monday so I'll keep you posted on how I get on.


I agree totally with Andrew. I have been overweight for the past 35 years and had accepted that I would always be a big bloke as that was how I was made.


Took the decision 14 months ago to change and have lost 7 1/2 stones. And back to what is a healthy weight I believe even though still over the BMI threshold.

Really happy with my weight and how I eat now. I still allow very occasional blowouts but by being really strict afterwards and not treating them as an excuse to backpedal they are not a problem.

Watch slim people eating and they tend to have smaller, healthier meals even though we all know some who can pig out and never seem to gain weight.

It's a state of mind. I now see myself as a relatively slim person now and will never go back to my old ways. I am more creative with recipes and still enjoy my food which is definitely on the healthy side.

I also do an intense workout 4 times a week after years of being a total couch potato. Still loathe exercise but now have the determination and would not dream of taking the easy option of giving it a miss.

It really does get easier once you decide that you have changed your way of life and not just dieting to hit some 'target weight!.


Thanks Andy, that's really helpful. Your point about about changing your way of life resonates with me a lot. I've lost weight before but not managed to keep it off so I'm looking to make more long term changes this time.


Hi Avid, I've been told I'm big boned....just a large girl...it suits you ....and so on. I don't believe this anymore...Im moving on in my thinking. Small steps, one day at a time.

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Quite often for me its not about being on a diet or trying to lose weight its being healthy.

When I am presented with food choices I often think "What would healthy, slim me pick?" - I am around 20 stone so I have to imagine that scenario and it usually helps me make the right portion and food choice because its where I want to end up.

Every week I am a little more inclined to ditch a weekly weigh in and wait a month so that I am not governed by what the scales tell me but what my slowly forming new habits say to me.

Have't had the guts to do it yet :)

Lots of great advice here already - visualise where you want to be, immerse yourself in health, listen to podcasts (I listen to "Cut The Fat" its fantastic), read books, learn about your body, become an expert in nutrition.

When you are doing this it makes it nearly impossible to think about that donut or cake or chips because your head is full of health,m health, health!

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