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I turn 20 soon and I really want to lose weight! I don't feel confident in the way I look and I know by losing weight it will help with that. I'm not massively over weight but I am overweight for my height. Anyway today I got up and thought right today I'm going to exercise! Only once I had got the workout up on YouTube that I had decided to do, I got very frustrated and didn't feel like doing it anymore. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and it just put me in a bad mood!

Any advice on how to stay motivated? Also when do people find is the best time to exercise?

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Hi Katie, I find exercising in the morning is good for me as it's when I have most energy. Good luck!


Don't let anything delay you next time. I get my running kit, trainers, a glass of water ready etc, so that when I wake up in the morning I'm straight out the door with no delay. Also, maybe try a few different things. Maybe following a youtube video isn't the right thing for you? I followed the couch to 5k programme and found it really manageable and motivating, as the podcasts are really encouraging and informative, and you aren't pushed too far too quickly. Some people follow the exercise diagrams on the NHS website, others go to classes where the feeling of being part of a group helps with motivation. Just keep persisting and trying different ways of getting into exercise, you will find something that works eventually :)


Hi Katie, Well done on making the first step to losing weight. It doesn't how much or little you have to lose it can still be very daunting.

I find my motivation is by sharing my weekly weigh in with my friends and family. Knowing that they will know how I have got on is a real incentive. I also set myself small goals which helps keep me going....At first it was to lose that first stone, then to me for some reason slipping in to size 12 motivated me and now it is to get in to a size ten so I can treat myself and then it will be to reach my goal weight by my 30th birthday :)

I personally prefer to do some 'easy' exercise in the morning such as a swim, Pilates etc for a short burst as I feel energised and great about the day ahead. However if I am going to the gym and want to get really tired and sweaty I prefer to do this in the evening as then I can come in and shower and then read a book to unwind before bed (also helps as I won't be sat in the evening watching TV and be tempted to reach for the snacks!)

Sorry for the long reply - well done on making the decision to do something and Good Luck :)


Hi Katie - well done for you in getting started! So the exercise didn't ring your bells! Don't blame yourself. All you need to do is some sort of exercise and anything will do to get going, anything which is consistently more than you dod before. I started off just walking. Got myself an activity tracker and set out to walk 10 000 steps a day. after a month that lead to a jog or two. A few K on the running machine where I was working. Had a break over christmas. Got back on my bike. rode to work a few times. and its just grown and grown. All because I just did something more than I had done previously.

Remember, just because its on the internet doesn't mean its any good! It got to suit you first and foremost! Have a look at C25K lots of folk hereabouts have done that and have really enjoyed it!

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hi Katie, just wondered if you like team games....local leisure centre could point you in the right direction?

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Hey Katie and welcome onboard.

What you did was listen to the voice in your head that has been keeping you on the couch and happily munching on food. I went through exactly the same thing yesterday - have a read:)


Basically you just have to grit your teeth and get it done. No one wakes up thinking HOORAY I want to get and sweat my guts out right now when they first start. When I first started this challenge I wake up thinking Ugh - I don't wanna.

But this is where you have to start flexing your willpower.

Willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it will get. Each no to food and yes to exercise will mean next time it will be that wee bit easier and a little bit stronger.

So I'm sorry but there is no magic cure.

Try this. Commit to doing 30 minutes exercise every day for 30 days. No excuses. Rain, hail, sleet, sickness.

30 minutes is not that long and it can be whatever you want as long as you raise your heart rate.

I have just finished 30 days of 30 minutes a day power walking (I did more than 30 but never less) and you know what?

I now kind of look forward to the sweat and the endorphin rush. This is from someone who is 53 and weighs more than 20 stone.

So I think you can manage this challenge right? :)

You can do this. I know it.


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