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Bloated :-(


Just had my breakfast and I'm so bloated 2 weetabix with coco pops and semi milk i feel as if I'm carrying fluid feeling uncomfortable :-(

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Me too, despite being good and stomach bug, bloating too, the scales are not being kind, dreading weighing tomm, prob a gain

I would ditch the coco pops, no nutrition for your body there. Perhaps add some fruit instead?

I'll do that change I was only adding coco pops because it says it's rich in iron but I'll go for the fruit alternative thanks🌸

If you think you're carrying fluid then it's important to drink as much water as you can. It's counterintuitive but that's how it works. Try herbal teas too such as peppermint and fennel teas. I try to have a herbal tea after dinner at night, this helps my digestion at the start of the next day.

Hi I've just started drinking green tea that's supposed to be good too I've got to get rid of this feeling then I'll feel better. I will have one before I go to bed and hopefully it will help. Thanks 🌸

Try just drinking a load of water too, maybe not straight before bed of course! Hope you start to feel better soon :)

Thank you ...I'll drink more hopefully that will help me🌸

I agree with alex7ra..definitely ditch the coco pops. I also think you should ditch the milk for natural greek yoghurt or something. More protein and less sugar than milk.

For breakfast I have:

100g Onkens natural low fat yoghurt mixed with

25g of Carman's fruit free muesli and

5-7g of milled flaxseed and goji berry.

(200calories, 10g protein, 17g carb, 4g fiber, 7g sugar, 8g fat)

sometimes I will top up the protein with an egg or a piece of light babybel cheese (6g protein).

and as ruth_canal_runner says, drink lots of water

Thanks for your advice one thing I have just recognised is that I don't drink enough fluids I've a lot to learn and need to change the way I do things!

Best to take them out of the box before eating them!

Thanks for the post...I'm carrying extra water , thought it was the exercise...will follow the advice and drink more water too.

Get some rest. How long does the bloated feeling usually last for when it happens?

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