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Nuns 12 week weight loss

Hi everyone.

Today is day 1 of nhs 12 week weight loss.

I have an underactive thyroid and fibromyalgia and have tried all other diets with no luck in reducing weight, I have found out that foods containing aspartame are bad for my health conditions so have binned diet varieties and am going to try this calorie counting diet. Hopefully this one will work for me.

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Good luck, it does work and it helps ease the symptoms. I have FM as well so know how painful and how hard it is to make the effort to change.

Remember bekind to yourself and treat yourself how you would treat someone you love.

Loads of support and motivation on site so read around it and look at plan, I'm sure you will see the difference.

Have a fab week. :)

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Hi Lisa, and welcome.....I'm loving trying new recipes and even have puds! I checked cals I could have on the BMI calculator. As Ive got a BMI of 34 ish at the moment, I can eat 1600 cals so lots to play with....so enjoy the endless possibilities and keep posting and replying to posts...it's fun!


HI Lisa and welcome onboard :)

Have you tried the Myfitnesspal app?

Its great for counting calories, logging your food, it scan barcodes and even import recipes from the web and calculate calories per serve - and its free!

I really do not know much about FM so not sure what exercising is available to you however you should aim to do 30 minutes every day for 30 days no exceptions. This gets your body and mind well into the habit of it and having just finished MY 30 days I can tell you that exercise has gone from a horrific chore to something I kind of look forward to :)

Looking forward to reading your posts.

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