WK 1 R1 - First Day

Good morning all :)

Im 27 and have been yo yo dieting for about 10 years.

I currently weigh 11 stone 12.

Today is my first day using myfitnesspal to track calories which it says I should aim for 1200 calories.

It is also my first day of the C25K, therefore I am doing my first run, very nervous about this as I don't run but there is a first for everything.

Any advice at all is welcomed :)

Here's to a great first day!!



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12 Replies

  • Hi Mandy

    Good luck for your first official day, and enjoy that run :-) I did my Wk 1 R2 today, and I certainly found it more tiring than R1. I wonder how the legs will feel on Friday when I go for the R3 :-O. The good news is that the 60 secs do seem to go quite quickly ! All the advice I've seen says to take the running sections nice and slow - going too fast initially will just tire you out.

    You might find that the 1200 calories is quite low and a bit of a struggle to meet ? The NHS target of 1400 might be a bit more achievable and still give you reasonable weight loss results ?

    Have fun :-)

  • Hoping R1 will ease me in gently! Well done you for R2, you will have jelly legs after Fridays run :)

    Yes was thinking 1200 seems low so will try 1400 to start with.

    Thanks for the he advice much appreciated :) x

  • This is a new day for you, this is a new life. You can do it, don't try to go too fast when you run. Remember to breathe regularly. Be proud of yourself. We all support your fight.

  • Hi Mandy,

    Did you get your run in for today ? How did it go ? :-)

  • Yes I did thank you. It went very well actually. I did find it quite hard as I haven't run since school over 10 years ago, but I felt like I was making a difference towards my weight loss so that pushed me through i . And I'm looking forward to my next run now :) x

  • Well done :-) Good luck for the next one and keep the motivation going (I'm personally dreading tomorrow's run !!).

    However, I did go out yesterday and buy a waterproof running jacket, so I have no excuses :-)

  • :) yes no excuses now! I need to purchase some proper running clothes and trainers and looking to buy a fit bit aswel. Out walking with my daughter in the park getting some extra exercise in x

  • Well done you Mandy on your first day and first run! 🎉

  • Hey congrats on your week 1 run 1 of couch to 5k. Make sure you get in the habit of doing stretches, it may seem like baby steps but you're building new running muscles and don't want to get put off by aches and pains. I agree with Lucca about sticking to 1400cals rather than 1200. You will be very active now you've started couch to 5k, so will need the higher calories, and you can def see weight loss for your weight on 1400/day. Lots of luck for week 1 run 2 :)

  • Thats great about doing your first run and I agree with the others about pushing up your calories a little.

    Maybe look at your settings in MFP again to make sure they are correct?

    Because you are being active when you log your exercise in MFP you should see your exercise calories showing which gives you some more calories to eat anyway.

    You can do this.

    I know it :)

  • Thank you everyone for your help, very much appreciated :)

    Its decided that I will start on 1400 calories as that seems more sensible and achievable for me.

    Thank you for your support, waking up this morning to your comments has boosted my motivation for the day :)

    Here's to another good day :) x

  • Hey Mandy,

    Hope that the first run went ok. I found the first week or two some of the hardest. Motivating yourself to get out there, telling yourself that its ok to run and then walk, and facing up to the fact that I needed to do this programme to help me progress. But I did it, and have kept going (with interruptions) ever since.

    I am proud of the fact that you have started, and hope that you find the confidence and benefits from the programme to carry on.


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