Its time to get my confidence back!

Day one of the 12 week plan, I've decided I need to get out of my denial, I am overweight and I will look and feel much better if I lose some weight! I have put on 5 stone since I got married 5 years ago, I look like a different person from then, I can't look in the mirror and I won't have my photo took, I need my confidence back!

Day one - I woke up starving! Why is it I always feel so hungry when Ive decided to diet??! I've done well, porridge for breakfast, sweet potato for lunch and Ive made sweet and sour chicken for tea, all eaten on small plates, which actually works to make you feel more satisfied! ..I've always had massive plates, piled with food. I'm a bit worried that I'm going to get hungry later tonight... might have to go to bed early!! ..Goodnight!

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  • Your lunch and dinner and breakfast sound healthy. I personally have cereal with milk, sandwich crisps and fruit for lunch and then chicken dinner with veg for tea!! no coke or sweets allowed -_- plus exercise

  • Yeah I've bought loads of chicken and fish in, might have to have a chicken dinner in the week!

  • When you total that do you have calories left over. If you do you can have a healthy snack, a few nuts, a piece of fruit or some such. Don't go to bed hungry or you will not keep to the program. Changes should be sustainable. You can have lots of veggies, and a fair bit of protein.

    I recommend a free app called myfitnesspal which helps to total not just the calories but also helps ensure that you a healthy balanced diet. It is easy to use it even has a barcode scanner.

    Well done for making a start.

  • Thank you yes I have my fitness pal still downloaded from previous dieting attempts!! Yes I will check and have a little snack later, I'm hungry already!!.. get the carrots out!

  • Add me on MFP..i am restarting too name on MFP is gougougirl.

  • Thanks for this suggestion I am going to download the app onto my iPad and try to use it!

  • The main thing is that you have started your journey. so well done!

    I start mine tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  • Good luck!

  • Good luck getting started! Enjoy your day

  • Yes fresh chicken is very good for you and try to find a nice fruit that you can eat at lunch

  • I will thank you. Apples always make me feel empty tho and other fruits too messy!!

  • How about strawberries or banana and blueberries :) Sainsburys do a nice fruit compote for £1.75 with apples grapes blueberries and strawberries - i eat it over 3 days

  • Ooh that sounds good, I'll have to try that! I always thought bananas were fattening? Is that not the case?

  • Well done for making the move to start eating better. Your food sounds good but as others have said please don't go to bed hungry as this will only ruin all your good work. Good luck with the plan ☺

  • Thank you! I'm doing OK actually, drinking lots of water.

  • No they are not fattening, researching it on the internet they give excellent sauce of vitamins

  • Get a few walks in. Even if it's just round the block. It makes you feel better and a start to exercise. Just walk a little faster each time or include a hill.

    A guy who I know walks every night for an hour, eats ok and dropped from a 36 to a 32 waist. He's not a gym type of guy but was just sensible. Try and just cut things out slowly rather than dropping them all at once.

  • Yeah I will try and walk more, I'm going to try badminton today!

  • Your name gave me a chuckle and reminded me of the alter ego I accused of keeping me fat - Bert.

    Welcome on board :)

  • Yes fat becky is a scary beast who will eat everything in her path, theres no stopping her! I will defeat her!

  • Well done for making the changes to get back to your healthy weight.

    I have found that it is important for me to not think of it as a diet, but as a new way of eating and have made sure I give myself lots of non food treats.

    You really sound like you are on the road to change and hopefully it will not long before you are happy to have your photo taken again.

    Have a good week.

  • Thank you. ..Non food treats?..

  • Motorbike! :-)

  • Haha oh I see!

  • Vroom!

  • Every time I lose 3 lbs, I know it's not much I have rewarded my self with nail polish, nice magazine, New pj' s , I know they perhaps sound daft but they have kept me going.

    I'm turning 50 in November so my long term goal is a lovely new outfit to go out on the town with, under close scrutiny from now not teenage daughters of course.

    Hope you are feeling better this morning.

  • Aw thats a nice idea, Im reluctant to buy any new clothes at the mo, as they would be a size 16, I want to lose weight first, might treat myself when I lose a stone!

  • Sounds like a sensible plan, but perhaps find something nice for yourself like massage or manicure when you've lost half a stone. This will give yourself something to look forward to.

  • We end up using food or drink as 'rewards' but they are transitory, and we are going to be worse off and feel worse pretty soon.

    Physical stuff is OK but only if we use it every day to remind us of what we have achieved. Experiences last though! I've done all three - some new expensive items of clothing - never buying cheap again. Never. A couple of tangible things I wouldn't have been able to afford without all the extra cash generated by healthy eating & drinking. Love my new activity tracker - didn't stint myself! Experiences are best though and 'cos I got fitter they've turned out to be activity based! Cool.

    Keep them short term and lots of small ones. What are you not having because you didn't deserve them?

  • Yep! Going to bed sometimes solves the issue for me too! I always feel hungry around nine o clock in the evening and it's a real battle! Well done you are a week ahead of me so I will be motivated by your success!

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