Hail Caesar! Visit to Nurse Epilepsia

Informed by lackey (diary) that I am seeing Epilepsia tomorrow not today so I have to accept that a long walk is not possible. A trip to buy some paint must suffice as I do at least get out amongst the populace in my chariot. Can't disappear from the streets - people will think I have been ousted from my role as true leader of the country.

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  • Hail Ceasar! enjoy your walk with the populace...

  • My gentle perambulation of the market place went well with adoring crowds shuffling backwards to let me through. Roll on tomorrow.

  • Hail Ceaser,

    Enjoy trip to the forum


  • A funny thing almost undoubtedly happen, oooer, missis!

  • Forgot the 'will' in that sentence.

  • I thought that I was leader of the country, however I bow to your obvious superiority. It is very considerate of you to undertake your own paint buying to save the legs of your slaves. Don't eat to many of those peeled grapes.

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