Another 0.75KG and thats really good!

Another 0.75KG and thats really good!

Another 0.75 kg lost and thats really good! I'm really thrilled. Its not the most I've lost in a week but I don't really care other than its another loss. And I've learned that every loss counts.

I kind of expected it really as I think that my diet has been a little over my target calories this week. I've also done a huge amount of exercise, big runs five days on the trot followed by a hefty bike ride. I've felt the need to eat a little more to keep my energy up, which has worked. I also felt I needed some red meat as I was feeling tired - my super fit son's thoughts. Over came the excessive tiredness. Ran up big hills on five consecutive days and had a brill ride with the cycling club on Sunday where I felt hungry but strangely a lot stronger than previously.

Its easy to get discouraged if we don't stick to our targets - mine is 1KG per week and most weeks I've done it. Two weeks I haven't. Overall I'm about 13KG lighter than 9 weeks ago. I've had to throw out all of my trousers as they were all too big - 20 pairs went into the skip last week.

I've bought new running kit as I'm now a runner! How did that happen? I did't sign up to become a runner I cycle a lot surely that was enough? But. no, now I'm a runner. Wake up, plan the run. Schedule the bike ride. Crazy!

I need some new shorts as these old ones constantly fall down! This is a hoot. I'm not going to spend too much as I've only lost a half of a bag of cement and still need to lose the other half.

A Bag of Cement! Check it out! Go to the DIY store and try to pick one up. Thats what I've been carrying around, and more! Crazy!

I'm not losing much off my waist either. And that would have bugged me. But I am losing it everywhere else. By my old unrealistic ways of thinking this last week would have been a bummer. I've stuck to the diet, I've killed the exercise, why am I not 3KG lighter? What's the point? Feel bad, start drinking & eating again!

That was not a helpful way of thinking. I've had to change it.

Every victory is a victory.

When I go out for a run, that's a victory.

When I do my weights, (Yes! Me! Weights! LOL) thats a victory.

When I get up the hill out of Holmfirth without crying, that's a victory.

When I weigh out my food each meal, that's a victory.

When I'm constantly hitching my trousers up, that's a victory.

When I don't need a drink to relax, that's a victory.

When I walk, that's a victory.

So what Im going to do this week is to learn more precisely why last week's loss was less than I expected, is to double check the calories in every meal. I've probably got a bit casual about that to be honest. (For casual read delusional!)

I'm going to cut back a bit on the running as I have a big cycle event at the week end which I'll have to be ready for.

I do know I'm between 3 and 4 KG lighter than the last big bike ride and thats incredible!

Little victories!

A Bag of Chuffin' Cement!



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15 Replies

  • Hi Andrew,

    Fantastic, not sure what a bag of cement feels like but Next time in local DIY will have a look.

    Love your positive thinking and the reality and humour you always bring.

    Have another great week


  • Always an inspiration! Love your posts. 9 weeks! Isn't that amazing!

  • Well done Andy...that's brilliant.....I am going to the DIY store today, I will pick a bag up and think of how well you have done...keep up the good work....

  • Watch your back!

  • Brilliant Andrew, your post is very inspiring and I really like how you have summed up those victories. 20 pairs of trousers gone..WOW I also like the fact that you killed it with the exercise didn't lose what you expected for all you put into this week and thought what's the point, but go on to look at all those victories. I killed it this week with my exercise and worked out 3 x a day getting in almost 3 hours of exercise every single day to lose 2 lbs when it should have been 4, but I look at the overall weight loss and how many lbs I am from where I started and think blimey I've done flipping good to get this far :-) so I like your way of thinking.

    Love the fact that you were not a runner and now your a runner this happened to me too LOL

    You are doing fantastic and making some real positive changes in your life.

    Have a wonderful week and I am sure that all that work you put into this week will carry over to your next weigh in

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done on your loss. Brilliant how far you've come, especially on becoming a 'runner' something I've just realised I can do and loving it. Keep up the good work and good luck for a great week ahead. :)

  • Well done on your loss this week. I am for about 2lb a week so similar to you but I don't always manage it - but most weeks it's going down and that is the right direction.

    It is great that you can see so many victories in what you do. I walked 10 miles last week - it may not be that massive compared to some but it is the most I have walked and 10 miles more than I would have done 8 months ago :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Wow 10miles is epic, almost half a marathon. Even my running is equivalent of only 8 miles/ week (on a good week). You shouldn't be making any sort of apology for doing something that epic!

  • Thanks Ruth:) I think it is my best or second best week. I am doing a 10km charity walk in 4 weeks - eek 4 weeks! So getting in some training.

  • Well done - don't give up when you're tired; give up when you're done :D #harkenuntoownwords

  • That's so good Andrew! Are you saying you're halfway there now? So amazing. Good luck for preparing for the big ride this week. Good to hear your feeling stronger as well as fitter and lighter. Everything's moving in the right direction :)

  • Hi Andrew,

    I enjoyed reading your post, very inspirational progress, and it's good to see the weight loss depicted as a bag of cement - very 'concrete' representation! :-)

    You've had an active and busy week, and you've got rid of all those baggy trousers! Hope you find some new shorts that fit - enjoy the shopping to purchase some! :-)

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Can any professional weight loss expert here recommend the diet plan at ? Has anyone tried them yet?

  • All hail the victor!!! Go Andrew, your 'the man'. Superb, and yep, those bags of cement are back breaking to lift.

  • Hi Andrewlee1,

    Amazing your attitude absolutely rocks !!!!!!!!!!.

    You are spot on with the victory talk. It is easy to fall back into the trap of thinking we have not done good enough or could have done more.

    If this plan gives me anything it is making me believe in myself and squash all those feelings of guilt that I have l dragged around like the proverbial bag of cement !!!!!

    I am in awe of the exercise though and your planning to fit it in must be amazing.

    Hope you have a great week and pah !!!!!! to bags of cement we laugh in the face of them, they will soon all be gone.

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