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New Member - What I do because I'm FAT!

Well today has been a real eye opener for me, I realised for the first time that I have turned into a fat monster!

Tonight after a sober weekend I have really took a hard look at myself and where I’m at in my life… I know I’ve been putting weight on steadily over the past few years but I’ve always managed to subconsciously suppress the feelings and carry on, until this morning when I caught a glimpse of myself in the bus stop as I was walking the dog. IM FAT… WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

I’ve been looking on the Internet at before and after pictures and forum posts etc and decided to write this post in the hope of motivation and to meet others in the same situation.

The list below is things that I genuinely do every day, it’s important that I mention at this stage that I have made this post because I’m genuinely motivated to lose weight and regain my life, some of the points below are humorous and I hope that we can discuss what or why we do these things and motivate each other to never again need to think about them.

I’m 29 Years Old, Male, 6ft4, 21 Stones. I’m built like those old toilet houses if you get the hint. I’m ex-forces, was very fit back in my youth yet I’m here today this is what I do because I’m FAT! Do you do the same???

•I always have a coat on to hide my man boobs and gut line regardless of the weather…

•I have the same comfortable pair of jeans which I never take off (apart from to wash obviously) because they are completely moulded to my shape…

•I struggle to put my socks on either bending down or pulling my foot up…

•Trainers/Shoes ^same^…

•All my clothes are black or dark colours because it hides everything…

•I eat way too many takeaways because they taste bloody lovely…

•I sweat like god knows what even in arctic winters (sorry ladies, very pleasant I know)…

•I judge other fatter people but deep down I know exactly how they are feeling…

•I over sleep…

•I socially smoke…

•I drink way too much…

•I’m the life and soul of the party, but always go home by myself at the end of the night (well apart from the kebab obviously)…

•I see people judging me…

•I undo my belt and top button of my trousers after a meal (sometimes forget and create awkward situations)…

•I order a meal for 2 from McDonalds/KFC/Burger Kind and eat it in the car so no one knows what I’ve done…

•I have to slow down when eating with friends because my plate would be empty whilst they are still choosing the correct fork…

•My local takeaway not only knows what I eat but also my name (and surname), what I do for a living, my dogs name, what car I drive, where I live (he doesn’t deliver) and he has my phone number…

•I find it infuriating when the wind blows directly onto me because my “baggy” shirt becomes like tracing paper showing my gut and moobs to the world (it’s ok though I disguise this by pulling at my shirt and placing my hand over my chest…

•I don’t fit into anything trendy high street shops offer instead I shop from ASDA on the XXL or XXXL range, I hide the hanger from the shop assistant so she can’t judge me…

•I avoid family gatherings if I can because Im ashamed of how I look, or I sit in the corner behind the balloons but near the buffet…

•My chin has a chin…

•I suffer from thigh rub in hot summer months (my jeans, I don’t do shorts)…

•If anyone so much as touches my gut or moobs I practically break their arm and back flip away from them…

•When I sit on a theme park ride I hope that the safety bar will close properly…

•I constantly hold my gut in which only highlights my man boobs…

•Back pain is horrendous…

•I can’t even walk up the stairs without panting like a banshee and sweating like a fountain…

•Social media, if a friend posts a picture I always look like a 5 bedroom detached house with double garage (don’t even ask about profile pictures)…

•I have stretch marks on my belly (I don’t remember being pregnant or giving birth)…

I could go on but I think you get the picture, can you add to the list? Why have we allowed ourselves to get like this? What made you take the first step to change?

Thanks for reading,


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So you have finally realised you're fat! Treat each symptom, buy a wok, if you can, create takeaway style meals, make burgers, create fish and chips ( lots if ways to make them).

Be warned the journey is not easy, cut down on your drinking too,seek help for your smoking , when you feel you can.

Download a plan , diet wise and good luck


Hi Michael

At least you were out walking the dog - try to look for some positives and when you relax you will start to see a possible plan for the future. Sorry it contains less alcohol and less take aways, and a lot less McDs. If you start to write down every thing you eat, you can see what you can cut out easily. This will help you start. I'm no expert but I have learnt a few things over the years. Good luck


Join the club, Mick261!

I have noticed that my clothes are getting tighter! I'm a size 22 and I recently had to buy trousers in size 24! Honest to God - that will be my ONLY size 24 item of clothing!

I joined this group earlier in the week, and plan to start the nhs 12 week plan on Tuesday with about 9 stone to lose.

Start by making small steps - it's taken time to get where you are now, it will take time to get back to where you want to be!

Use this site as much as you can. Everyone is very welcoming and understanding. By working together and supporting each other, we can do it!

Good luck!


Recognising the problem(s) is the first step to dealing with them. Facing up to the causes is the second. So well done you are on your way to getting fitter, healthier and leaner.

Download the nhs 12 week plan. Commit to small changes. Write down everything you consume. Many of us use a free app called myfitnesspal which helps to calculate not just calories but also helps to balance our diet nutritionally. It is easy to use it even has a barcode scanner so you can quickly calculate what you are eating/drinking.

Increase your exercise. The dog will enjoy longer walks. Take the stairs not the lift.

Fairly soon you will see results. It is daunting at first but taking measurements as well as weighing helps measure your success.

Come here often you will get inspiration, encouragement and support.

Good luck for your journey


Hi Michael, we can all add to the list. but you've got most of it covered. And if we analyse it too much we might beat ourselves up about it ......which really doesn't help at all. The way forward is to think today 'I'm going to make all the right choices in what and how I eat. I will drink water before I eat instead of assuming I'm hungry and I will do 15 mins or more exercise.' And when a day turns out less than perfect, just get back on plan. And good luck Michael were all rooting for you!


Hi Mick & welcome to our little group. It is a great place for advice, inspiration and support. You are not alone and many of us do the same things you do because we are overweight. You'd be surprised how a few simple changes can make a real different - you may want to start with portion control. There is no reason why you can't still have the odd take-away but make sure you only have a meal for one and build it into your week - that may mean eating less or a couple of other days.

Losing weight doesn't necessarily mean you have to change everything you eat. Try to make changes that you can sustain for life and that will include the odd take-away or meal out.

Good luck :)


Its an awful feeling to spot your reflection in a window when you are out and genuinely hate what you see.

I have to say I am pretty damn impressed - that list is very comprehensive! All of them rings bells for me although a couple stood out.

Yes I used to order for two from Maccas but I would hide it by using phrases like "OK I'll have xxxxxx and what did Jodie want...ummmm...oh thats right she wanted..." - poor old Jodie never got to see those hamburgers lol

Definite thigh rub although its winter here in Australia so the sweta is not such a problem and by summer there will be no more thigh so that' sorted that!

Yes on the wind blowing on my chest and showing off my wonderful moobs!

I used to drink way way WAY too much - very likely a lot of it was to forget how much I weighed and how miserable I was and 18 months ago I finally admitted I had a problem and quit for good.

I did more than smoke socially and I eventually got up to smoking 40 a day every day - I smoked for 40 years and quit 4 months ago.

Something I could add to the list is how much money we blow on being overweight.

Obviously there is the takeaways and extra food every day, but there is the extra clothes we have to buy as we expand, the COST of those clothes because we can not just buy a $10 t-shirt from Cotton On, I used to have to fly business class because I was too scared to try and fit in an economy seat and at one stage I know I could not have squeezed myself into that tiny seat.

BUT you're here and you're ready to get things sorted and at 29 you can reverse pretty much all the damage, you will be able to exercise much more easily than an old man like me and before the end of being 30 your will be fit!

So no more thinking about all the bad stuff. Regretting what has happened in the past prevents you from looking to the future so dump all that negative thought in the bin and start planning your come back!

As a couple people have mentioned Myfitnesspal is an excellent tool for counting calories - scans barcodes, imports web recipes and if you decide to get a fitness tracker e.g. a Fitbit, it will integrate with most fitness trackers so your exercise calories are being counted as well. I have both and I LOVE using them - they really motivate me to eat well and exercise more.

Decide on a goal. It could be backpacking around the world, becoming a personal trainer or anything else that you can think of.

My goal is to run the Sydney City To Surf in August next year. From a 40 a day 53 year old obese smoker to running an 8 mile tough course in 12 months? Yep - thats me!

Think about rewards - those are important and can help motivate you along the way. What will you treat yourself with when you get under 20 stone, 19 stone etc.... and a cream bun does not count as a treat! :)

The other "tool" I like is a podcast I listen to called "Cut The Fat". Really informative, has great scientific data, lost of new info I never knew (thats big for a professional dieter!) and really good basic tips for weight loss like getting onto resistance and weight training to lose and eventually maintain your weight. Your body preserves and rebuilds energy that is used up during exercise. Weight training burns up a lot of glycogen in your muscles so when you stop the body switches to the next available energy source so it can rebuild your glycogen - and that energy source is fat which is why you can continue to burn fat long after you stop your exercise.

Right thats enough of me crapping on. Get into this and commit.

We have a Monday weigh in - join in and start your new life today.


God love ya, I read and mentally ticking boxes, couldn't help a smiles because it's all so true.

Why how we get here? Food is a false friend, we think it's there to comfort and console but it's one of those whom we have to whittle out the bad guys and fund the good. As in life friends have different purposes, some are life long and fantastic for us others are for fun times.

Can't wait tell my mate shes a salad.

My journey... I avoid mirrors, comfort eat, work long hrs then one day... Ahhhh it's true... I've turned into a monster!!!

Several attempts and failures but ain't giving up, I will slay the beast! Still trying sort out what works for me but if I don't make changes I will be a lardy forever.

So.... Small changes, expect stumbles, find what works, this bunch here are great and have loads of advice 👍


Forget the past that's done and dusted and the only way is up now. Forget the negatives and look at all your positives, you must be a great guy as I bet everyone loves having you around.

Set yourself small goals and targets and plan, plan, plan and I'm sure in a weeks time you will see a difference already.

Get out with dog and enjoy the ride. At times it will be hard to adjust to especially if friends think you are changing and not the same. Enlist as many people's help as you can and go forward.

I'm sure you can do it and I am looking forward to reading in coming weeks all the changes you are making.

Have a great week and believe in yourself.


Hi Mick,

Welcome to the club,you will find loads of inspiration, humour, honesty and support here hope you enjoy it😃

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan it's easy to download or print off and very straightforward.

You have obviously done a lot of soul searching and ready to make changes,just remember slow and steady wins the race. Yes it will take a while and you will have highs, lows and everything in between but stick with it and you will be successful.

Have a good week



Well I must say what a fantastic post. You have made me laugh no end with your list. I can definitely relate to many of the boxes in your list especially when the wind blows...

It is definitely a hard life being fat and you feel like when you step out in public you are exposing yourself to the world. Hay look at me I'm here for all to see and yes I'm fat. I sit at my desk at work and feel away to eat something nice and I know they are all thinking why is she eating that, it's only gonna make her fatter. Look she's filling her face again. I used to have breakfast ( crisps X 3 pks ) dinner for lunch and king size dinner for dinner and drowned all my sorrows with wine because I was fat.

It was no life for me and one day I had to take a long hard look at myself and make positive changes in my life. Everyday I looked at myself and told myself, I can do this. I would point at myself in that mirror and tell myself, you can do this and I started to believe what I was telling myself. At times it has been hard but I have never given up on me.

You sound ready to make a change in your life and I really wish you every success on your journey. Believe in YOU Michael :-)

Best wishes and good luck

Trafford1 x


Hi, thank you for the honesty in your post. I read it and decided that if you can do it so can I! so I have made the decision to also admit the truth to myself and start my journey tomorrow

Thank you and wish me luck


Hi PlumpDevon-Dumpling!

I'm 'officially' start my diet tomorrow too! So far it's just been making sensible changes (semi skim milk not whole, wholemeal not white etc)

I've only been coming here for about a week, but it seems great! Everyone is welcoming and full of hints and tips to help you on your way!

Good luck!


Hey there welcome, can totally relate to alot on your list. You will get there, slowly but surely. Start by making small changes, everyone here is so friendly too, always someone to chat to. Good luck :)


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