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Hi I started on my healthy living diet a week ago - eating chicken and vegetables for dinner for protein, healthy sandwich and fruit for lunch and a nice breakfast with milk plus walking an hour a day. starting weight 10 stone 5 - already noticed difference in my jeans - easier fitting, not tight after 5 days of dieting. the coke and chocolate was making me bloated. thanks for any response


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5 Replies

  • Obviously you are getting stuff right, which is fab, keep it up!

  • Amazing how quickly the body responds....well done Gus! Keep on keeping on!

  • Hi gus1901, welcome aboard. Well done for getting started on your journey. Walking for an hour a day is great. Keep going you will soon reach your goal

    Good luck on your journey

    Trafford1 x

  • Yes thanks very much for your support!! It's not easy changing lifestyle and eating healthy but we are all doing our best. Thanks again and speak soon :D

  • Sometimes if we make one or two changes, we can see the results and it spurs us on....

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