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Fitness tracker deal

I have been looking at Fitbit etc. I can't really afford the outlay, but noticed this Aquarius fitness tracker on Groupon.

Seems to do pretty much the same as fitbit so I have taken a punt on it, as it is affordable. Just thought I'd flag it up in case anyone else is in the same position. This is not a recommendation as it hasn't even arrived yet but here's the link.....


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Go for it! Once you find how useful it is for you you can consider how much to shell out if it doesn't do the full job for you. Groupon is notorious in that the sellers get a raw deal - never herd of the buyers getting a raw deal.

I got some Argos vouchers from the Gas Board which paid for my first one. now I wouldn't be without one.


Well if it does the job great and if not I haven't lost much.... I have been eyeing them up but unable to justify the outlay at the moment. ..nothing ventured nothing gained. ...

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give it a try!


Thats great - I LOVE using a fitness tracker - it really helps motivate to get my 10,000 steps a day done.

I have never been so active since I got one.

WOuld be interested to hear what you think of it. The first week I thought my fitbit flex was rubbish at counting my steps but it seems to have adapted to me and ow seems fairly accurate.

Although I left it at home this morning before I came to work so I am missing it! lol

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It was you two guys talking about your fitness trackers that made me want one....will see how it goes


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