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Fitbit and similar tools



Does anyone have any experience of fitbit or similar devices. I've looked at the fitbit website and it looks great - but I'm quite cynical!

Could you tell me the pro's and cons of the ones you have tried, please?

Thank you all in advance!!!

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi NiCherry,

I haven't used a Fitbit - so like you, I'm not sure of the pros and cons of using one. A couple of my friends mentioned having had one for Christmas last year, and one of them loves using it. She thinks it's really good. My other friend hasn't really mentioned her fitbit since - so I'll have to ask her how she's getting on with it.

I just use an app called Myfitnesspal, which I know isn't a fitbit - but it does keep a lot of useful data and I like to look at the week's nutrition using it, and keep a log of my exercise as well. It does help to motivate me, along with this forum, which is really great.

Hope you'll enjoy being part of this community, it's friendly and supportive. If you like weigh-ins, then you're welcome to join in the Monday weigh-in thread. Usually posted just before 7am. We'll be there tomorrow, even though it's Bank Holiday. Pop in and say 'hello' if you want to!

Hope to see you round and about in the forum. :-)

Lowcal :-)

NiCherry in reply to Zest

Hi LowCal!

Thanks for the invite! I have decided to only weigh every other week in the hope of avoiding de-motivation! My next weigh in will be on the 11th, but I will definatly share my losses or gains with the weigh in group. Maybe if I have any gains, the group might be able to identify where I went wrong that week!

I'll look up myfitnesspal. Anything in worth a try, eh?

With the fitbit.....maybe I'll put it on my Christmas wish list!!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to NiCherry

Hi NiCherry,

That's a great plan of yours to weigh-in every other week - it's a personal thing, and working out what works best for you is definitely the way to go!

Good idea re: Christmas list - now I'm wondering what I'd like on my list... :-)

Have a great week!

Lowcal :-)


Groupon have one on offer at the moment. I haven't used any but was wondering whether to get it as it is affordable. Think it's called Aquarius?

2bFabnfitMaintainer in reply to 2bFabnfit

I just ordered the one on Groupon. Don't know how it compares to fitbit but I can afford this one @£13.99

NiCherry in reply to 2bFabnfit

That's a really good price! Let me know how you get on?!

I love my UP (UP3) its my second one as the first one gave up after a few months. Its a big expense but I wouldn't be without it. It was the first way I started to learn what an idle slob I'd become - I thought I was active then I started to get proper data. Now If I don't hit 10 000 paces a day I feel bad and I'll make it over the next few days.

What gets measured gets done!

I have just had a look at the fitbit app. I heard that it could be used on its own - the fitbit device helps to track your movements, and has a good alarm feature.

So I downloaded it and had a good rummage around the app, and it seems really good!

It tracks calories, and water intake, and if you tell it what exercise you have done it will work out how many calories you will have burned. It also allows you to record your weight loss over time.

If the app is on a device with a camera you can scan barcodes to make it easier to record your calorie intake

All in all, it and a pretty nifty gadget!?!

I use a Fitbit Flex and Myfitnesspal and after 4 weeks of using them together I would not do it any other way.

I use Fitbit to track my steps and also when I go for a walk I use Fitbit to track my route, play my playlist and cue me every 10 minutes on progress.

I know you can use the food feature in fitbit but the MFP app is much more detailed, allows you to easily track protein, sodium, carbs etc during the day, import recipes from the web, allow you to setup full meals to avoid manual entry, scan barcodes like Fitbit...its specifically designed for the job of counting cals and other nutrients and does it well.

Fitbit is designed to track your activity and does it well - and the two can seamlessly integrate to create one easy to use experience.

I spend most of my time in MFP and as it talks to Fitbit it tells me my goal calories, minus what I have eaten, plus calories from additional steps and exercise equals remaining calories. I do not have to log any activity anywhere.

Because it talks to Fitbit constantly it also tells me my number of steps taken.

Like ANdrew, I like having the goal of 10,000 steps and having that goal in my mind I find I am just naturally exercising more and finding inventive ways to get to my 10,000 steps each day. I am more active than ever simply because I want to get to my 10,000 step goal.

Remember in my answer to your other question I mentioned I do extra steps everytime I leave my desk?

Over day they end up being around 2,000 steps extra. Thats an extra 1.5 kms I walk each day simply because of my Fitbit.

I absolutely would NOT have been so motivated if it was not for these two tools. My only regret is that looking back I probably would have gotten the Fitbit HR Charge so I was abler to monitor heart rate for activity.

In the end the only things that can stop you from eating junk is you - which I learned to my detriment this week lol but these two tools sure help to keep you on track and get you back there.

Ah! I didn't realise that the two could talk to each other!!!

I think, I am going to try the two together.

I have tried losing weight before (just like everyone else here, I suspect!?), but I've given up quite quickly as I wasn't seeing instant results. I hope that with these kind of tools, I can keep myself motivated to keep on going!


Dave196125kg in reply to NiCherry

Thats the hard thing isn't it? When you are big like we are its resigning yourself to the fact that its going to take 12 - 18 months to shed the weight.

It just seems like SO long and such an effort but hey....I have been looking for the quick fix for 40 years when in reality I could have done it the slow way and been free of all this fat 39 years ago - the things we do!

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