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Ate too much! How many calories is this?

So yesterday my partner went for a lovely day out to Greenwich and as a surprise he had booked us a meal for on the way home! I ate the following yesterday - small wholemeal roll with 2 WW bacon, Pad Thai and beef stir fry (no idea how many calories this was) a sugar free ice lolly, a soya milk capachino! Then he told me we were going out for dinner!!!!! I had asparagus and a egg to start (I thought this is a good low calorie option) and I had pork belly, mash and cabbage for main (I took all the fat off) I know I can't work out the calories perfectly so I wanted an estimate! Any ideas?!?

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Unless you are able to input it into a calorie counting app or similar, put it behind you. The importance is with the frequency this occurs, and more importantly did you enjoy it?

Going forward, I think people are better to adopt a template of what they will ideally eat, in terms of portions and sizes from each food group (such as BHF's Facts not Fads). This was the original idea behind the Eatwell Plate, and whilst I think the proportions are skewed, the concept is good. As a doctor said in the media recently, it needs the junk removing and focus on the real, whole-foods instead of low-fat alternatives.


I put it into a calorie app and I am glad I did as it wasn't as bad as I thought!!! So that's good! Yes I completely agree with your other thoughts and suggestions! I generally make everything from scratch and I am true believe in eating wholesome foods!


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