Seeing results!!

So I have these denim shorts that have been too small and folded in a drawer for about four years and every January I say this is the year I fit into them! Well I tried them about three weeks ago and it was a struggle just to get them to my hips, so they got folded back into the drawer!

Today I woke up and though sod it lets try them again as although I haven't lost loads I've really toned up with the running and exercise. Well not only did they skim over my hips but up to my waist and I could just button them! I still need to lose an inch or so for them to be completely comfy but I'm so pleased, and the best bit is they're a size twelve! Whoop whoop finally seeing results!! 😃


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16 Replies

  • Brilliant to hear. In just 3 weeks you have made a real difference and what a great motivator this is for you to continue to work hard to get that extra inch or so off.

    Well done :-)

  • Thank you, I'm actually really proud of myself which I've not been for a while.

  • Go for it,

    nothing feels so good as when something fits when was too small!!



  • Thanks, it really is such a great feeling. I've got a huge smile on my face and I'm more motivated than ever now. :)

  • Hi Tuppy133,

    Wow, that's great that you're able to fit into those denim shorts of yours again. Just shows what great progress you're making. Really great! :-)

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, yes having a great weekend. I'm actually cooking a roast for the family and friends which normally would be roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and stuffing but although I'm still doing all those for me I'm doing roasted sweet potato and loads of steamed veg to go with the chicken. Although I will enjoy a glass if wine or two as it's a celebration. Hope u r having a good weekend too. :)

  • Hi Tuppy133,

    Your roast dinner sounds delicious - I'm also having roasted sweet potato tonight, with some green veggies and some salmon steak - so looking forward to it later. :-)

    Enjoy your celebration! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yum Yum :-)

    Sounds great and hope you enjoyed it Lowcal x

  • Wow, thank you so much for posting this news. You inspired me to go and try my golf shorts on and the ones that I have left in the wardrobe for more years than I care to remember fit again!! Like your denim shorts they are still a little tight but at least they fasten. Without your post I wouldn't have even bothered to try them on. Here's to a good week and making a little more room in our shorts.

  • Oh well done you, it's a great feeling isn't it. I just want the sun to come out now so I can wear them! Keep up the good work, we can do it! :)

  • F A N T A S T I C !!!

    That is so good to hear! Be very proud of yourself and remember your little victory!

  • Thank you, oh I definitely will, I've even jotted it down in my diary so I can look back on how I felt today to keep me motivated in the future. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)

  • Well done that's fab. I think even if I could get into a pair of denim shorts my daughters would have me arrested for crimes to fashion, apparently I am too old !!!!! I can hear the cries of MOTHER as I type !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One day I will surprise them though.

    Keep up the good work

  • Haha this made me chuckle. I think I'm so happy at the moment I would wear them whatever anyone said. lol! Saying that my hubby's eyes did rise when I showed him and he actually said "oh they look fab not sure I want you wearing them out!!" Haha!!

    Hope your having a good week. :)

  • That's probably the best compliment you could get lol!!!!

    He wants to keep them for his eyes only.

    Having a fab week.

  • What a great feeling tuppy :) I love the 'new' wardrobe we are getting from this. Such a great motivator!x

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