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Hi I'm new to the group, I need to loose around 13 stones, I struggle with motivation so really hope this group is what I need to turn a corner x

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Hi Victoria and welcome! You've made a brilliant decision to join us all here. It's a brilliant forum with so many positive and supportive people. Have you downloaded the 12 week NHS plan yet.....that's really helpful. And please join everyone in posting and replying to posts. Good luck!

Thank you so much for responding, I really didn't think I'd get responses x


Hi Victoria!

You have come to the right place! This forum is so supportive, just come on here when your motivation dwindles and you will be picked back up again!

LowCal does a weekly weigh in every Monday should you wish to join us - the post title is something like 'Please join me for a weekly weigh in (date in brackets). Look out for it around 7am. I find it helps me be accountable for my weight.

Are you going to try the 12 week plan? I am currently on week 5 and find the little changes you make each week sustainable and easy to do.

Also, I recommend an app called myfitnesspal, it's free to download and it counts your calories - just scan the barcode, search for the item or even import the url for the recipe and it does it for you!

You have done the first hard bit - posting how much you need to lose and making a stand. Try to build in mini goals along the way - perhaps be under X stone first, then lose 1/2 stone, etc and give yourself non-food treats along the way. It helps with motivation :)

Good luck on your journey to a healthier and fitter you!


Thank you so much for the reply, I really have had enough of being hugely over weight now so enough is enough time to change, one of my big problems is setting goals that are to high I really do need to set smaller targets then maybe I may do better.

What sort of non food treats do you give yourself?

NoMoreJunkMaintainer in reply to Victoria2012

You sound very determined so you will do it!

I enjoy having a pamper - so I have treated myself to some epson salts (£4 from Homesense - bargain!) and had a bath in this with scented candles all around - bliss!

Also treated myself to some new nail polish and did my own manicure - I've only reached two of my goals so far but new clothes are next on the agenda - new dress for next goal and then new undies..

That sounds brilliant, gives you something to look forward to aswell, I'm so determined, I've got some things coming up that I want to be slimmer and healthier for too xx

Hi Victoria - You've mad a Very Very Smart move coming on here!

Treats, Hmmm, well now food isn't a treat anymore, and I've almost given up beer (Totally given up wine). Well 'cos I'm spending much less on lousy food I have a bit more in my pocket. I have to admit I've bought myself a few treats. Got myself a few fitness things - fitness tracker, & a GPS for my bike, I'm having to buy new clothes (Week9) cos I threw out 20 pairs of trousers that were too big for me last week.

So I've decided to treat myself with some new nice clothes only this time I'm not buying the rubbish I used to have to buy - limited by size I'm going to put the money into a really good new wardrobe made up of a number of very choice items, but they will all be a real treat for myself, AND there is no way I ever want to get so big I go back to wearing anything else!

Good on you, I will splash out on a new wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes once Im at my goal weight, until then manicures, pedicures, trips to the pictures, spa sessions is what I'll be treating myself with every goal I meet, bring on the slimmer, healthier version of me xxxx

Hi Victoria and welcome to the group. I wish you every success on your journey with us :-) NoMoreJunk has given some great advise. Make sure you plan every single day from what you are going to eat to what exercise you are going to start off with. I began walking for 30 mins each day in my first week made sure I ate 3 meals a day with a fruit snack and lost 7 lbs. Planning will be the key to your success and as Portlandprincess says join everyone in posting and replying it really does help on your journey. I am still here 34 weeks later and still feeling just as motivated as the day I started. Such a great community.

Best of luck hun you can do it :-)

Trafford1 x

Thank you so much for the reply, I didn't think I'd get responses 😃

Do you think planning for the day a day at a time works better than planning for the week? X

Hi Victoria, I am a big believer in planning everything. What I tend to do is plan the day before for the day after and if something is frozen like chicken or salmon take it out well in advance as some things will need seasoning. I like to take my fish out on the morning I am going to eat it and chicken out the day before for seasoning that night. When I get in from work I can just put it in the oven to bake and prep my veg. Most days I would cut the veg before work and just soak it in the pan ready for rinsing and boiling. Knowing in advance what you are cooking also let's you put in your calories into my fitness pal in advance too so you always know exactly how many calories you are having for the day.

I give myself set meal times as well which really help me on me on my journey and stop any hunger pangs because I know exactly when I am going to be eating. Usually an unexpected change to this routine does cause disruption to me and I do get a little grouchy LOL

I also use an app named "fit" on my phone which logs my walking calories which you may consider installing on your phone.

Good luck hun :-)

Hi Victoria2012!

I'm new to the group to ( joined a few days ago) and the welcome and support I've had has been amazing!

I reckon I have about 9 stone to lose.

I have fallen into some bad habits over the years, and its going to take a while to break ALL of them. I suspect the same could apply to you?!

The 12 week plan seems a sensible place to start - it can be downloaded from nhs choices - and I plan to actually start the plan on Tuesday (get the back holiday out of the way first!

We both have a long road ahead of us.....but we can do it!!!!

I'd really like it if we can keep in touch along the way as we have a similar amount to loose, hopefully we can support each other along with everyone else on here to succeed, don't know about you but right now my thought process is 'enough is enough'

I don't want to be the 'big' girl anymore

I was hoping you would notice the similarities!!!

My weight has crept on over the years, and I know it's going to take a long time for me to get rid of it all.....but deep down I want a quick fix, which I know doesn't really exist!

My mind set has changed recently. Like you I don't want to be the big one anymore. I have already made a few changes to my diet, but I have not actually started "dieting" yet - that starts Tuesday!

Exercise is also an issue for me. The thought of exercising in public fills me with dread, so I'm going to have to start at home in private!!! Although my body is quite stiff and achy, probably due to all the weight, so actually moving at all is an achievement!

So, yes, come and hold my hand and we can make the journy together!!!!

I can't wait to see how our journies progress over the next year and see how well we have done 😄😄😄

Isn't this the most amazing forum?....go you!

I reckon it is pretty amazing!!!


Motivation is best from within Victoria2012. We can provide support to cultivate that.

I would suggest that any changes you make need to be enjoyed, so you will want to keep your new habits for life.

What support would you like?

Support is amazing as it's nice to get support from people in the same boat, thankyou so much for the response x

ZestHealthy BMI

HI Victoria2012,

Yes, if you want to join in the Monday weigh-in (as NoMoreJunk mentioned), I post the thread just before 7am on Mondays, and even though it's a Bank Holiday tomorrow, I will still be up to do it - so if you do want to join us there, then you would be very welcome.

Some people also do their own individual weigh-in posts - and of course weighing in is a very personal thing - it might not be your cup of tea, and that's fine too! :-)

This forum is helpful and supportive, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of such a great community of like-minded people.

The 12 week NHS plan is really good in terms of structure and helpful advice and information. Just click on the icon above labelled 'Weight Loss NHS' and follow the links to download the NHS 12 week plan, if you want to take a look at it.

Wishing you every success with your goals.

Lowcal :-)

Victoria2012 in reply to Zest

Aww thankyou so much lowcal, I definitely will be joining in I think it will be really beneficial, something to work towards x

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Victoria2012

Hi again Victoria,

Here's a link to the Bank Holiday weigh-in, incase you have difficulty finding us:

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

sueper5 stone

Hi Victoria, you can already see what a great site this is for support. There are a few of us here with over 10 stones to lose so you are in good company. I have been trying to lose weight for 28 weeks now and managed over 3.5 stones so far :) I still have about 11 stones to go to be a healthy weight.

My advice is to see it as a lifestyle change making small manageable changes as you go.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing you share your first loss with us soon :)

Victoria2012 in reply to sueper

Wow go you on the weight loss that's fantastic, i can't wait till I'm 3.5 stones lighter!!! I have followed you so we can share our journeys x thankyou so much for the response

sueper5 stone in reply to Victoria2012

It is amazing how much better it feels to be 3.5 stones lighter and so worth it :)


Welcome. Come here often and you will get support inspiration and encouragment.

I echo what the others have said. Check portion sizes but don't ban foods unless it is sustainable.

The 12 week plan is a good place to start. Set mini targets say half a stone on the way.

Exercise is key. Walk more. Plan it in. Park away from your destination or get off the bus a stop too soon. Take the stairs. It is a lifestyle change towards health rather than a diet. Think healthy foods....

Thankyou so much for the advice and response I really appreciate it x

Hello again Victoria, I just wanted to share this with you, it's from a previous post I wrote " the easy way or the hard way "

If we believe in ourselves then anything is possible!

If we prepare every single day then we will succeed

If we want it bad enough then changes will happen

If we love ourselves first then what more do we need

I believe in me

I prepare every single day

I want change

I have regained health and happiness

I know you can do this and you have come to the right place. I want you to believe that you can do this too, as I'm telling you dreams really can come true and I believe in you :-) x

You will turn that corner hun.

Hi Victoria,

Welcome to the site , it really is a site to keep you motivated and supported. Loads of titbits and advice to help keep you going.

Don't think of the final number you need to lose, break it down in to small chunks like half a stone at a time.

Be kind to yourself and set yourself small goals and reward yourself with a non food reward when you achieve it. I am obsessed with nail polish and I have a cupboard full now as am always buying them as my rewards. I could have rainbow fingers with the amount I have !!!!!!!

You have done a very brave thing in posting and it sounds like you are ready for change.

Good luck for the coming week.

Hi Victoria. Don't set yourself mountains to climb. Be kind to yourself and celebrate climbing lots of hills. Go girl, every little success you achieve will help motivate you and others in the process.

Dave x

Maybe we can motivate each other?  have you seen the couch to 5k running app?  I have heard about it and its good as you start of walking and progress, maybe have a look.  I'm thinking of starting it myself.

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