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Hi I'm new to the system, so I'm looking to lose around 1 to 2 stone, at times I'm so willing and eager to do this and other I give in to easy.. Can anyone recommend any good weight loss progrems etc.. I think its more the fact I'm not confident in my own body, as us mothers know once we have children our bodies never look the same lol.. Now I'm just going on lol...

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Start by using the free fitness pal app, it's great at educating you on what you intake and then you can start to put changes in place 😄


The nhs 12 week program is easy to follow and reeducates in a balanced doable way. This forum is great to help keep focused. SO much support inspiration and encouragment here.

Lowcal does a Monday morning weigh in thread which you would be very welcome to join.

Good luck on your journey. Btw it is also good to exercise to tone up those bits that have altered !

And myfitnesspal is a great tool!



Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, easy to follow ,easy to download or print off.

Take it a day at at time, you'll find loads of support, insiration and honesty here so enjoy the ride and be tire to you.

Have a good week


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Hi MariaEliza,

Welcome to the forum. As others have already mentioned, the NHS 12 week programme is an excellent resource - you can link to it here, if you want to take a look:


Also, as 2bFabnFit has mentioned, I do a weekly weigh-in thread, which I post just before 7am every Monday, and it has the consistent title of 'Please Join Me for a Monday Weigh-in (current date in brackets) - the next one is tomorrow, which is the Bank Holiday of course! I think Bank Holiday weekends are notoriously challenging - which is definitely why I will still be there to do the weigh-in thread, as it's helping me to keep on track (hopefully - I know this weekend isn't over yet!).

I know weigh-ins aren't everyone's cup of tea, but just wanted you to know that there is quite a large group that come together regularly in that thread, and I think it's very supportive and encouraging. Anyone is welcome to join in that thread, so if you fancy it, and would like to introduce yourself there, then hope to see you.

Otherwise, looking forward to seeing you out and about on the forum, and hope you have a great week - good luck with your weight loss goals.

Lowcal :-)


hi their the best diet plan i've ever been on is slim-fast go on there web site and download or print of there sheet that helps you to do this i've lost nearly 10 stone by being on the plan if it works for me it will work for you. YES I DID SAY 10 STONE just by being on this take care bigalan


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