Week 34

So here goes....

I have had one of the best weeks ever exercising and had some lovely healthy food and loved every bit of my week.

I am pleased to report that I have completed my 5000 m rowing non stop and rode a 20.95 k bike ride and again rode 26.95 k on another day which was broken down into two rides so I feel really good about that. I have even been riding to work and back to see how long it takes on bike instead of taking the car. Now in the car it takes me 12 mins and on bike it takes me 23 mins, so....I am now considering taking the bike to work on some of the days I am in.

Now to that fun part....I have lost 2 lbs this week bringing my total weight lost to 68 lbs which I am really pleased about and total % body weight gone is 28.33 % which just blows me away :-) big smiles all round today.

I do have a knee injury and wrist injury so have not been running this week unfortunately, but have been keeping very active riding, walking and rowing and been on the elliptical at the gym which are all low impact exercises so no straining my knee.

I remain focussed for the coming week and would love to lose another 2 lb to reach 70 lb by next weigh in and will try my best to achieve this goal.

Best of luck to each and everyone on your journeys and have a wonderful week

Trafford1 x


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33 Replies

  • Brilliant! Very well done!

  • Thank you Judywood :-)

  • Congrats on an excellent 2lb loss, despite challenges to your usual exercise routine with the sore knee and wrist. The rowing must have not been all that kind to your wrist! Hope you don't fall apart from all this exercise! But it sounds like you're doing this sensibly, moving onto different exercises when you need to give a certain part of your body a break. I think you should definitely start cycling to work more, it's a really easy way of incorporating more exercise into your routine. Maybe not everyday, say try 2 days a week, then increase to 3... Good luck for next week's 70lb goal (also amazing!) :) :)

  • Hi Ruth thank you so much :-), I am very pleased with a 2 lb loss this week despite soreness. My wrist is also in a support which really does help I got this brilliant one from Decathlon. It was more my back that was in pain when rowing but that will get better over time. I try and make sure I do everything sensibly as I have got to know my body more and know my capabilities, sometimes it is hard though when you are restricted. Cycling to work will be a great opportunity to burn extra calories and build on my fitness so I am looking forward to that, I have just had some practice runs whilst I've been off work, I follow the Fallowfield cycle loop it's great and off road. I so want that 70 lbs for next weigh in I will be so happy if I reach this goal next week.

    So here's to another great week hun :-)

    Trafford1 X

  • Fab weight loss hun. Week 34! Gosh, that seems eons away to me. Your exercise routine is fantastic too. You are showing superbly that we can achieve long term and not just for a few weeks. 😊

  • Hi ShellieL, thank you hun :-)

    Yes these changes are for life, I'm just getting my life back and I am in control now whereas before I didn't even think of the damage I was doing to myself.

    I chose to continue with the forum as well because I find this is a great place to share our journeys with others and give help, advise and support to others as I have received from many on here. It keeps me motivated and gives me encouragement and I just love it.

    Thank you for your support hun

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    A huge big WOW for your acheivements this week, you continue to inspire💐 and I am sure you will reach your next milestone.😃

    What makes it even more fantastic is doing it carrying injuries, no one can ever knock your strength and determination to succeed.

    Have a lovely weekend and an even better week.


  • Hi flossie :-) thank you hun.

    I am so looking forward to reaching my next milestone which I really do hope happens for me next weight in. How great would that be :-)

    I am staying focussed and remain determined for the coming week.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend too flossie and have a wonderful week :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Go for it Hunnybun, I am rooting for you


  • I will give it my best shot hun

    Girl power!!!

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Wow, all those long cycle rides sound really good. Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week, and you're getting very close to reaching 70 pounds in total - not long now!!! Hopefully next week, like you say!

    Sorry to hear you've got an injury to your knee and wrist, and I hope both of those injuries get better really soon.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

    Wishing you another fantastic week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you :-)

    I have really pushed the boat out this week with all those bike rides and they have taken there toll on my wrist but I have a support bandage to help with this. I have found it easier on my knee to change my activities and ease the burden, it still hasn't been easy though, but I seen it through. Ain't no stopping this girl :-)

    I feel that once these niggling pains go away I can get back to running and complete another 6 k which I am so looking forward to doing again and to continue with my HIIT workout. I will see how the week pans out.

    Fingers crossed for my next milestone, I am so excited which motivates me even more.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Lowcal and thank you for all of your support :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi trafford1,

    Congrats on everything, the 2lb loss, the rowing and the cycling. You've had a fantastic week. I love reading about others exercise routines it really spurs me on with my own.

  • Hi Swimgym thank you so much. It has been a great week full of activities. I have given over 300 % on my fit app everyday and exceeded every goal this week so I am really pleased. It's great being active isn't it :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Wow, Trafford, am in awe! I'm thinking that I need to raise my exercise .......

  • Hi Portlandprincess, thank you :-) It has all been gradually built up over the 34 weeks and I am fitter than ever right now, but I wasn't at all fit to start with. Build your fitness and then set some mini goals for yourself, that's how I have done it on my journey. Every week I tried something new and went that bit further.

    I hope you enjoy raising your exercise and have a great week hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done! Fantastic to still manage 2lb in a week when you have lost so much! Good luck for the 70. You truly are a massive loser :)

  • Thank you sueper, I have really worked hard to achieve this number. I have up to 385 % that I put into this on some days and other days over 250. Have really pushed the boat out this week and very happy with the results. As I am getting smaller it is becoming harder to lose the weight so really have to put in the work.

    Hope to lose that 70 lbs next Sat :-)

    Have a great week too hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Despite a good week, I've felt bloated the last two days, very annoying, despite being within my calories, I just wish the feeling would go away, and hating the cold too, yuk!

  • Hi Nsky24, It's not nice AT ALL being bloated, I have suffered this on many occasions, but it tends to happen more when I am in work toward the end of the day. This has gotten a lot better over time and I think it was just the change in diet and eating a lot of veg. I eat quinoa now with salads and this doesn't seem to happen as often so it could be your veg intake. Cabbage or Coliflour can definitely add to feeling bloated.

  • No, tends to be hormones, been known to lose 6 lbs overnight, coping with herbal tea tonight and fought off the sugar monster, wining!

  • Blimey Trafford, what a great update. It is all happening, I want to swop with you. Were those bike rides out of doors or did you do the gym-earphones thing?

  • Hi Gonti, the rides were outdoor on the Fallowfield Loop Manchester bike path, it is such a great place I discovered within the last month and love it. It's been very touch though but very enjoyable :-)

    Thank you for your support

    Trafford1 x

  • Forgot, you get a bike badge🚴🚴😀

  • Cheers for that too :-)

  • Oh my! Has anyone ever told you how awesome you are!

    What an inspiration!

    You have done a m a z I n g !!!

  • Thank you Fabnfit, that is awesome for me to hear from you :-) love this site very encouraging

    Trafford1 x

  • Thats fantastic - so happy for you and sounds like you really love exercise now as opposed to HAVING to do it.

    I bought a decent bike 3 years ago and 2 days later had my first of many Atrial fibrillation attacks so its been stuck in the shed ever since but I pulled it out this week, gave it a wipe down and rode down the road and back - not exactly your 27 k ride lol but I realised even from that how little impact it creates on your knees so I now know I need to get serious about it because my knees are not loving the constant pavement pounding of late.

    Oh hang on this was supposed to be about YOU not me, right? LOL (I seem to be doing that a lot lately !)

    Congrats - sounds you like had a great week and I'll be sending lots of good vibes to get to your 70lb goal next week.

  • Hi Dave and thank you :-) It's great to hear that you have pulled your bike out and got back on it and yes I find it is easier on the knees than running as well. Keep going and increase your distance each time when you feel ready. I've not been riding that long I got the bike around the month of June and started riding it to my mum's house and around the park and recently I have found a bike trail close to my home which goes on for miles so decided I wanted to ride the trail and push myself to ride 25 k . It is actually quite a hard slog, but now I have tried it I want to go again and again...

    I do love exercise and cannot imaging sitting or lying there doing nothing when I could actually be moving. Life has truly changed for me since I began my journey and I have a gym, bike trail, massive field and parks right on my door step so for me there are no more excuses.

    It's always good to share our experiences with each other so don't worry about adding in something about you that relates to the post I enjoy reading your post by the way Dave :-)

    Thank you again and your good vibes have been well received. Keep going on that bike of yours and let us know how you get on :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Wow! Congratulations trafford! You really are inspiration - 68lbs lost, long term member and showing all the benefits of exercise, both in mind and body. I really hope you get your goal of 70lbs - you sound so determined, I know you will :)

    I wasn't going to go to the body combat class this afternoon as did a long stint digging in the garden, but I'm going now spurred on by you :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  • Hi NoMoreJunk, thank you. I am so glad to hear I have spurred you on. I am a believer in no matter what happened the day before today is a new day and I must fulfil my goals. There's no time to rest when I want change and those changes we seek come from the hard work we put in.

    Sounds like you have had a great time digging the garden, just think of all those calories you burned. Combat class sounds like hard work, but will be well worth it. Hope you enjoy your class hun :-)

    Hope you have a great week too

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    That amazing you have done so well. As for the bike ride my little jaunt of 8 miles is a snip compared to your mammoth ride.

    The weight loss is phenomenal so go, go, go.

    Have a fab week ahead.

  • Thank you Jo4950. Hoping to get out there today but the bank holiday has started off wet.

    8 miles is still tough I remember doing 8 miles on my first ride and it was no walk in the park so well done to you :-)

    Trafford1 x

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