Yesterday I was working from home (first time doing this since being on the plan). Started off well, had some porridge. Then had some chocolate (white chocolate- the worst!) then made my old fav lunch of pasta, pesto and cheese. Weighed it all out and then added more pasta and cheese as it didn't look enough...felt so tired about an hour later and really sluggish. I've not had any white carbs since on the plan so this was a reminder that they are not needed!

Had a nap about 6pm because I was so tired! This meant I didn't go to the gym because I didn't wake up until 7.45pm :( I did make a healthy dinner for when my boyfriend got back at 8.45pm of carrot and red lentil soup (bbc good food - lovely!) and didn't have any bread with it. However, my boyfriend's Mum had given us some cake (she makes REALLY good cake) so had a slice of that afterwards. I must admit, I didn't enjoy it as much as usual - it was so sugary. I actually went really giggly afterwards, I guess because I have cut sugar pretty much completely out of my diet. Then there was wine....3 glasses - my justification 'It's Friday....'

So, this is my first blow out since starting the plan and it's not bad, the damage could have been a lot worse. I have been really strict with myself on this plan, cut out the majority of carbs apart from porridge in the morning, cut out sugar, had no chocolate, cake and cut down on the alcohol drinking (my boyfriend works in the wine trade so this will never be cut out completely!) so maybe I went a bit too far and need a little bit every now and then for this to be sustainable. I kept saying to myself, I will have a slice of cake or chocolate every now and then when I am at my goal weight - I think I need to incorporate this in to the plan now. Like Ruth's idea of dark chocolate - I like it but can't eat loads of it!

I'm spending the day in the garden today - have a whole lawn to dig to lay some turf down, that should mitigate some of the damage from yesterday. Then body combat tomorrow!

Wishing everyone a good weekend!


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12 Replies

  • Hi no more junk....sounds as though you're positive about today and know how you're going to react. That's the main thing! I have some white chocolate options in the cupboard ready for those Chocholate cravings. It's not the same but it does the job at 40 ish cals. Good luck this week!

  • I haven't seen the white chocolate ones of these - I'll look out for them :)

  • I cut out chocolate altogether because it kept me hooked on sugar. Double cream or cheese are satisfying and nutritious.

    Was this maybe a rebound because you've been cutting back too far on carbs?

  • I think it was - I've had hardly any carbs for 4 1/2 weeks now so think maybe it was body telling to up the intake! Will go for wholemeal/brown versions though.

  • My list of favourite carbs: sweet potato, sweetcorn, peas, beans (from dry), lentils, barely-ripe banana, whole-oats (rough oatcakes), dried apricots (preservative-free), barley, berries, quinoa, bulgur wheat, and milk.

    Sometimes I'll have pasta, very rarely have shop-bought bread because of the preservatives.

    Most other carbs are processed, high-glycaemic or high fructose, and harmful.

  • Thank you for this Concerned! It's surprising what actually has carbs in it! I've been reading a book by James Duigan and he recommends similar things to you, his book is very interesting.

  • We all have weak moments and I think the key is learning that if we have a "treat" day it is just that and not how I used to be by thinking oh well I've blown it and a treat day ending up being a treat week!

    Put yesterday behind you and start a fresh today. Digging up a garden will certainly help to burn some of those calories.

    Have a great weekend and stay motivated. :)

  • Thanks tuppy! I used to be the same - one treat day would stop the whole healthy eating completely!

    I've just spent 5 hours digging up the back lawn ready to be turfed - not sure I will make it to body combat tomorrow, the aches are starting already!

    Hope you are having a good weekend so far :)

  • See Dave's elastic band theory 😉

  • This explains it exactly!

  • I know what you mean about the pasta not looking enough. But what looks like a tiny amount dry looks much more substantial cooked, especially if you stir in a few roast veg or sugar snap peas to bulk it out. Try allowing yourself either pesto or cheese, not both in the same meal. Pesto is good for protein already as it contains a bit of cheese and lots of nuts. You can even make your own. Good luck for your mitigating attempts today. Gardening is good strength exercise, probably more effective than what you would have done in the gym. And yeah get some really really dark chocolate :)

  • Roast veg mixed in sounds good! I forgot that pesto already had cheese in, eeek! I've just spent 5 hours in the garden - MFP reckons thats over 1,200 calories! These must be guestimated though but I'll take it :) Off to the supermarket after my hair has dried to get dinner for tonight and some dark chocolate - I hope Lindt is on offer!

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