Cycle heaven or HELL !!!!!!!!

Yesterday I got up and thought hey time to get some exercise, hey I'm daft like that anyone would thing I'm trying to improve my life!!!!!!!!

I live 2 miles from a country park, yes I am a lucky woman, it's really glorious and it's usually where I walk too for my exercise. On a good day and fibromyalgia and back allowing, a gentle walk is just what the doctor ordered.

Yesterday however I think I had some sort of funny turn( my family think I have them daily, how wrong could they be of course)

I thought I would get my bike out of the garage and dust it down. It is a really nice mountain bike that I used to use daily when things were better and I loved riding about. After what felt like a several hours later and a can of WD40 the old rust bucket was ready for the off. Had to have a rest at this point as I was not ready for the off.

I packed my water, fruit and book into a rucksack, OMG I am so ready for this, plugged in my best and fastest music and off I went.

Now I only ride on cycle ways so I was safe with the music ok !!

As I was going I decided to let the cycle ways dictate where I went, not sure how good an idea this was as I weaved about the countryside. After some time got to said park and started riding around, at this point I decided to go off the beaten track as there were so many small children in the way and I did not trust my best riding skills. OMG not just the bike with a bit of rust.

After an hour, yes that's right an hour I decided to stop and watch the steam train and have my well earned snack. Felt tired but elated at all good work so far. Read my book for a while then decided best get back on the beloved bike. At this point I realized that I should have a padded seat for my bike. Thought I had more padding around the derriere, obviously not as much as I thought I had(possible a good thing, I am hanging on to the positives here)

With aching bottom in tow literally, I sped off into the wild and attempted to get back home. I live in flat countryside but something happened on that trip mountains grew in front of me like never before.

Home at last, legs like jelly but hooray !!!!!!! I've done it. Checked my milometer on the bike and lo and behold I had done 8 miles.

Yes it was the ride from hell but also the ride from heaven. I'm well proud of myself.

Unfortunately this morning I am suffering the consequences and am struggling even to make a cup of tea but hey I'll get over it.

The lesson learned I think is try to do as much as I can but don't push quite as hard next time or not much anyway.

Hope you are all having a good week.


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28 Replies

  • Sounds like 8 golden miles! Take it from me (6 Bikes!!) Everyone, even the most experienced rider will get a sore a*** the first time out. You'll notice it again the next time you jump aboard for the first few minutes you are aboard then it goes. :-) good times.

    Glad you enjoyed your ride. Good for your head, good for your health, good for you!

  • Felt amazing even though my derriere says otherwise. My daughter is doing the 100 miles race and would love me to join her for part of it. I have said yes and have got to get myself up to speed so to speak.

    Definitely right about head clearing and felt really motivated to keep to healthy eating plan so good times. Really enjoyed the music as everyone at home prefers other stuff so bonus all round.

    Have a fab week.

  • What a joyful post. Looking out of the window, it looks like the day is saying come on you, get your trusted Dawes out and enjoy the day. Invested in a lovely jell seat but not as comfy as an armchair!

  • Jelly seat here I come woo hoo and yes it was fab might get back out and do it again tomorrow !!!!

  • That's so brilliant you even sat down and read a book for a bit. What an excellent trip out! Yes good idea to ease in more gradually next time, or do the same trip but with more breaks. Now your bike's all shipshape it'll be calling to you to take it out again soon :)

  • Yes I will be a gentler next time but hey really enjoyed it. Nice to sit and read book outside as well fab.

  • Your post is singing hun!! 🎼Got to, Accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives.......🎶...That is just what you have done. Lovely post. 😊

  • Thanks, had such a lovely time even I Was amazed!!!!!

  • Hi Jo,

    Hope you've recovered from your long bike ride - and that your tea-making is getting better as you recover as well. :-)

    8 miles is a phenomenal distance. Brilliant achievement. :-)

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Had a lovely weekend thanks, everyone's glad tea making skills back to normal, thank goodness.

    Hope you are having a really good weekend.

  • Well someone had a little mini holiday its seems :)

    So glad you got that bike out and went for it - I am very impressed and especially that you committed to a good long ride from the start!

    Strangely enough I got MY old bike out this week as well and had a quick ride a couple days ago and another 10 minutes this morning.

    Unfortunately my area is fairly hilly so its not long before I am confronted by a massive incline and things get wobbly from there BUT its much better for my knees than walking or running so I decided today to take it more seriously.

    I am really happy for you - this sounds like it was a great time despite the sore butt.

    I love that you don't let the FM get in your way too much - you're an inspiration :)

  • All I can say thank God there are no real hills anywhere near.

    Great news that you are out on your bike. Now your off work for a bit its a good way of being out in the fresh air, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

    I'm going to give it another go tomorrow so I will see if the derirere has recovered lol

    Hope your weekend is going well

  • Hi Jo4950, this sounds really great and well done for dusting off your bike and getting out there. I know what you mean about the derriere it can be punishing LOL, but you did it and 8 miles is great :-) oh those jelly legs I know that feeling too. What you described in your post is how I felt when I first began riding but as time goes on you will start to feel more comfortable and want to go further.

    You should be very proud of this and very well done hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1

    Many thanks for your kind words.

    Oh those legs those jelly legs !!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to keep at it though because next to swimming I love to cycle and of course it's free, always a bonus.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  • Good for you :-) keep at it and next time it will be a little easier I'm sure :-) Have a lovely week

  • Thanks :)

  • I roared with laughter reading this. You remembered the music and milometre and the book but don't mention the thermos. Sorry about the achy bits, in my experience that doesn't stop but doesn't matter: Portland princess suggested a "lovely jell seat " I have no idea what that is but I want one too. 🎶🚵🏾🚵🏾🎶

  • Thanks, it was certainly a journey that is emblazoned on my nether regions still. I think a jelly seat is my next major purchase woo hoo to soft bottoms !!!!!!!!!

    Hope your having a great weekend.

  • Keep at it. You will adapt, I promise. I fell off mine late last year and was in a cast, so when I returned to the saddle I was as sore as anything. It just takes time. Be kind to yourself and it will all come back to you. :)

    There's a member on Fibro site who got involved in the Hotter'n Hell in Texas over the weekend. 100 miles in 50 degrees. That's dedication - or madness :P

  • Thanks I will :)

    As for 100 miles I will leave that to my daughter and 50 degrees !!!!!!!!! I think that is madness OMG definitely.

    Have a great week.

  • Fantastic, well done! You're doing things you probably never thought you could do, what a ride!

  • Thanks, I think I have forgotten how much I love being outside and how much I used to do.

    Hope your week is going well x

  • Isn't it great being active again? I got back from Greenbelt Festival last night and feeling very tired today after having a fantastic time volunteering with the children's team. Now back at my sedentary job :-( but looking forward to aquafit tonight.

  • Yes it was lovely really and now bottom has recovered all's well.

    Had a cycle to swimming pool and did my 30 lengths earlier and now quite exhausted. A nice sleep is now called for I think !!!!!!!

    Sounds like you had as great time shame about going back to work really.

    Have as good week

  • Wow, 30 lengths is amazing! I'm puffing and panting after just one! No stamina.

    Enjoy your nap.

  • Had nice sleep,snored away quite happily till small girl cat and senior citizen cat (19 years old) decided that it was time for their biscuits, woke with a start at meowing and squeaking noises. It's like living g in a zoo. Got up and realised missing small boy cat could hear plaintive meowing cone from cupboard, honestly I swear they are harder work than my kids ever were.

    Have decided to try and swim every other day FM allowing, should help my back as well.

    I used to swim for the county as a teenager so the pool my second home and I love it, just don't love the gigantic costume I now wear, it's like something from renta - marquee lol !!!!!!!!!!!.

    Hope your day is going well.

  • Cats, eh?

    Know what? I've started a cold, that's why I was so tired yesterday. Sorely tempted not to go to aquafit after work but knew I'd be charged £7.50 if I didn't (seems a bit unfair since I'm paying £20 a month, and the leisure centre can cancel at short notice with impunity) so turned up and managed 45 minutes before admitting defeat. Don't feel much like eating, which is kind of good in a way...

  • Hi Carolee13

    You did amazing just getting up to go, as for doing 45 mins you need a gold star :) Not sure I would have bothered.

    As for £7.50what a rip off. Unfortunately they have a bit of a captive audience.

    Remember be kind to yourself and I hope you are feeling better :)

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