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Slightly off topic - though exercise is important to weight loss. I've noticed quite a lot of people here have arthritis and wonder if any of you have advice. I have osteoarthritis in a lot of the small foot joints - I had to give up ice skating because of this, balancing on the edge of a blade creates enormous pressure. But I really want to keep walking good distances. In the summer I walk in startlingly expensive running shoes which give lots of cushioning , and can comfortably manage 7 or 8 miles. They aren't suitable in wet or muddy conditions though and even with Sorbothane insoles in hiking boots I'm in a lot of pain after 4 miles and it still hurts the next day. Does anyone know of any well cushioned waterproof hiking shoes or boots?


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  • I expect hotter may do these? Also consider banning nightshade veg from your diet, claims to work, relatively easy to do

  • Thanks Nsky24, hadn't thought of hotter, and I should have as we recommend them to our patients with swollen feet!

  • A friend of mine with nerve damage in her feet has invested in padding her shoes with insoles. Maybe that would help you too? She swears by thick sheepskin insoles. Also Scholl do gel-based insoles. Maybe look down that avenue as well as shoes that have padding built into them?

  • Thanks Ruth, the Sorbothane insoles I have are very cushioned, but then they reduce room so the boots rub! Haven't thought of sheepskin ones will have a look online and see what I can find.

  • My friend decided Ugg boots had the most room to put all the insoles in. She watches all the sales online to try and pick them up at an affordable price. I'm going to ask her if she knows about the Sorbothane insoles that you're using, sounds like they contain pain relief of some sort, so could be good for her to use too, but she hasn't mentioned using anything like that. Good luck finding a solution :)

  • Have a look at some Brashers or Saloman boots / shoes.

    If you have a foot problem have you thought of going to a podiatrist? I haven't got arthritis but I have got wonky feet with excruciating metatarsalgia so I got some clinical Orthotics £300 which go into a number of shoes and really make a difference. I also use some high arch support non custom orthotics which are also really comfy. Daily footwear is ALWAYS Crocs! :-) I thought cushioning would help me but it's support I needed. (Spreads the loading out) You can have my Saloman boots as they're too cushioned. The Brashers are good though.

  • Hi Andrew and thanks for the offer of your salomans, I'm only a size 4 though so they'd probably be a bit big!! I think some arch supports my help as this summers running shoes have some arch support as well as cushioning and they are better than my previous ones.

  • Thanks for the thread ...I broke my big toe...three times over a few years before I was ten. I have problems with it now though. So will be checking out these thoughts.

  • I find I get on better with lighter footwear, not more padding and I've had my feet surgically rearranged. I've just given away my serious walking boots and wear Vivobarefoot walking boots instead (which I was lucky enough to get very cheap)

  • Thanks, Havent heard of those, will have to look them up. Feet surgically rearranged sounds excruciating!

  • I have spent most of the summer walking in a Sketchers trainer type shoes - mainly because my other walking footwear caused me to develop awful heat rash on my feet. Comfy, with a memory foam insole, extremely light, water repellent and affordable. One day they managed 44 miles, although I had developed blisters by 38! They are fine for a day's 20-30 mile relatively easy walking and have seen me through to almost completing The Thames Path this year and lots of other adventures. They have just about had it now but they are an affordable short term fix. Perhaps worth look at until you can make a more suitable and most likely more expensive choice!

  • Definitely worth a look, you managed so many miles! I think I have tried slip on sketchers and they were incredibly comfy, but to get the width I need had to go up to a size 5 and they slipped off at the heel. I'll look for lace ups next time, thank you.

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