A reward is not something that makes you fatter

A reward is not something that makes you fatter

As some of you will know I had my first day away from work in 2 months yesterday.

As I was driving home from work the night before thinking "This feels weird - no work tomorrow!" my little fat demon started whispering in my ear.

"Gee two months is a looonnnggg time - you deserve a reward"

Oh no, I thought, here we go. And the fight started in my head as I got closer to the supermarket near my house that has the chocolate I LOVE...

"Come on you have worked for SO many days, you should relax, kick back, treat yourself - you have been so good on your diet"...

For a few moments there it got kinda scary but then my will power muscle, which has been developing nicely, kicked in.

"Wait a god damn minute. That chocolate bar has the same amount of calories as 2/3 of a pound of fat...."

Obviously fat-o-demon knew where this was headed and called on screaming 4 year old brat to intervene.

"I *sob* want *sob* the CHOOOCOOOLATTEEEE!!!!!! Its so unfair I just *sob* wan..."

It took a split second to recognise who this new bratty voice was and I wan't having a bar off it.

"Listen kid - get in the naughty corner - now! And I just realised - I'd have to walk/jog for 5 hours straight to burn that off just to get back to where I am now. Why would I waste all that time ..."

And with that, the fat-o-demon knew it was a lost cause and my willpower muscle got that little bit stronger.

I parked my car 200 metres from my front door and strode home feeling very smug!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through my head! lol


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24 Replies

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  • You should be so proud, Dave, well done 🏁

    You won !!!

    Hope you had a great day off 😊

  • Anyone watching me in Asda this eve would have seen me doing what looked like a weird dance back and forth along the aisles. I kept absent-mindedly heading towards the alcohol section *I'll just get a little bottle of wine, a single portion one to go with my dinner* - *NO! You haven't got enough calories for it, and besides it will affect your run tomorrow*. Then getting distracted, picking up a couple more healthy items (some pickled beetroot, a butternut squash, punnet of strawberries), then the whole dance would start again, before the determined bit of my brain kicked in and stopped me in my tracks again... This is why I shouldn't go into supermarkets in the evening. I need to just go to the greengrocer where the most risky item they sell is a packet of dates. (I didn't get the wine though, and it really was a close shave, so nearly did succumb! :) )

    Happy first day off Dave, wishing you lots of well-deserved (but non-food) fun :)

  • Yup thats me exactly. And thats why I get my groceries delivered lol

  • I do too, and stock up on all the tins of chickpeas, tomatoes etc that I get through so many of. But fresh stuff requires more frequent shopping, and this week I've had more work on, so less time to go to the nice greengrocer. Was passing Asda on my way home, and then disaster nearly struck. I think my wine temptations are like a kind of demon. I really just don't need wine at all. But every now and again it pops into my head and tries to convince me that I do need it!

  • Right there with you, RC...

  • Oh yes that old familiar fighting off the demons in your head. I've spent many hours talking myself in and out of exercise and in and out of eating something I should best avoid. These days mostly my willpower wins but is aided by chocolate bars around 100 cals - for those not so strong days.

    It is so hard when your old routine was to celebrate (be it a day off or otherwise) with food, it takes a complete change of your mind-set. I had a rare day off with my hubby on Sunday so I convinced him we needed walk 10km before we could have lunch out. Not so much a reward but we earned out lunch out :)

    Well done for keeping that brat under control again - it will get easier, honest :)

  • Good for you Dave! good choices! How did the gym go? And how will you reward yourself for your two month workathon. (Spell check says worka thin lol)

  • wait until your fat o daemon turns into a run o daemon because thats going to happen. :-) Hope your day off was a good one!

  • That's true. If you've got an addictive nature, then taking up running is good because that becomes the new addiction :)

  • Its already started. My inner child was getting right sulky about not being able to get out and walk for a few days when my knee was playing up :)

  • How is your knee by the way? Did the aspiration go okay?

  • Wow what a man! What a hero!. You slayed the demon and your body will thank you for not needing to walk the momentary pleasure off

    Be proud, be very proud!

  • I understand the battle in your head real well, I have a war in mine all the time, Thanks for sharing.

  • Great work Dave. Your demon visited me yesterday also (I recognised him instantly!)

    After the funeral I attended there was a magnificent spread as laid out by what could have been the Women's Institute. There were sandwiches of all sorts, sausage rolls and all types of Victoria sandwich, a veritable banquet of all the food I dream about. That demon was so damed insistant, so reached out and took x3 baby plum tomatoes and saw that demon off with a very dmug smile on my face!!!

  • You my friend are a deadset legend! Good on you - I am proud of you :)

  • Amazing Dave!!

    I had a lapse last night and feel dreadful today! Some chocolate was consumed!! Grrrrrr

  • In an ideal world a reward wouldn't be fattening however last Saturday I had fish chips and mushy peas as a reward for hitting 7 1/2 stones total weight loss. Now I saw that as a fantastic reward. First I'd had in months but the main thing is will probably be the last I have for months.

    As long as it's not an excuse to slip, it's not a problem in my mind as a once in a blue moon treat. I didn't gain any weight as a result of this as well so result all round as I was extra careful for the next outlet of days.

    Next few days won't be good for me as I'm going away for a 6 night break so will be a bit off plan and fully expect to gain a few pounds but as I've seen in the past blow out weight gain seems to go quickly if I go immediately back on plan and if anything a little stricter.

    I'm not advocating anyone goes off plan or has fattening treats but for me I know I can do it occasionally without any long lasting effects.

  • I think Andy has a good point.

    I KNOW rewards shouldn't be food, but I also know for myself that letting go once in a while does stop my craving for a long time, as it really plainly satisfies that certain "hunger" and if you see it as a very rare treat.

    My lifestyle change will never be sustainable to me personally if I don't let go once in while. My weight didn't come on in a year, so I'm not going to beat myself up over a slip up.

    I will enjoy it and it will fuel my determination for the next step and make me exercise with new energy.

  • I still have to have my fish and chips. With mushy peas and loads of vinegar. Just has to be done! But being off wheat works in my favour. I leave the batter, and then smugly leave some of the chips too. I've found this actually makes it a pretty healthy meal!

  • Well done....we are proud of you....

  • That's amazing you managed to resist - what will-power! well doneπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hope enjoyed day off and the 'brat'stays in the corner !

    Have a good week


  • A humourous message with not-so-hidden depths as usual Dave. I really do look forward to your posts. 😊

  • this rings so true for me!

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