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Calorie deficit 😏

I monitor my daily calorie intake and currently have a goal of 1450 per day which I keep to. When I first started on 1500 calories, I lost on average 2 lbs a week but now it has slowed right down which is frustrating as I am following guidelines and have reduced calories as I lost 14 lbs. last week I lost 1 lb, this week and 2 weeks ago I lost 0!

I have around 28 lbs to lose and at my current speed this will take forever. I weigh food, log everything, eat plenty of salad and vegetables and I'm not hungry. Also I am on the C25K plan, so pretty active.

What do you suggest, I would be expecting to lost between 1-2 lbs a week but it is stalling and I am being good too!


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How's the water intake.....and fibre?...and is your waist measurement showing pleasing progress?

14 pounds is very impressive. Perhaps your body is just taking a while to adjust before you see the results on the scales.

You're inpiring me to keep going!


Thanks, haven't measured my waist but feel a lot slimmer and can fit into clothes I haven't worn for a while! I log my calories on MFP which is helpful. I think if anything I have been trying to be under my goal and have had a couple of grumpy days (sorry husband)! Maybe I need to think more about the fibre, I can check that on my App, thanks.

Maybe I need to drink more water too. If I am gaining muscle, it is better to burn calories anyway. Just annoying though. How r u doing with monitoring your food??



I think you have hit plateau, it happens, eat a bit more for a couple of days, like 200 cals, your body does this, been there!

I would also suggest varying your cals, over the days, some days more, some less to make your calorie total the same over the week!

Your body will then start losing again


Totally agree. The same thing happened to me, I upped my cals for a couple of days then dropped back down to my regular allowance and hey presto, I lost 4lbs that week.

Also, don't be so reliant on the scale. You can lose inches without the scale moving at all, so use that as a guide too!

Good luck,,hope things get moving for you soon.

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Hi Joolie 'Platauing' is a common experience. You've lost weight so you have less stuff to carry around so you don't have to burn as many calories to do the same things.

How about just making a few changes? Try a different form of exercise for a week. A different route on your run? Different calorie targets on different days - including going over as well as under. But the other thing, which I'm always mentioning is how much can you trust your scales? You might be doing everything right, continuing to loose weight but its not registering for whatever reason. Is there another set you can jump on? Make sure you do this over time as all scales will be slightly different.

You haven't got a body problem you'll got a data and feedback problem. What is changing about your body and how can you keep an eye on it?


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