Just takes forever

While sitting in front of the log burner all winter, I tucked into sweets, chocolate, ice cream and cake. Over the months clothes started to get tight, so I started to wear the ones that had give in them!! Reaching 19st 4lbs was the last straw, but it all takes time, it went on easily. I am on day 30 and now at 18st 9lbs I want it to come off faster, but know I will have to continue to work at it.

It has been hard, sometimes I look back and remember when i was fit enough to do the Great North Run, now I find it hard to walk to the end of the farm lane (1mile).

Will keep going, onwards and upwards, no, downwards!! Hee hee.

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  • 9 pounds in 4weeks. Brilliant! It's working. Today the end of the lane, tomorrow the world!

  • Looks good when someone else says it, thank you.

  • Well done for all you have achieved so far, every pound gone is a great thing.

    Keep up the good work and have a fantastic week.

  • Thank you for your support.

  • Fantastic post, well done you! Keep going and you will soon be hiking again

  • I hope you are right!

  • Congratulations for being here.

    Its a tough tough thing we do and then posting here makes it more accountable.

    Good on you and congrats on the weight loss!

  • Will just keep chipping away. Thanks for the support.

  • Keep a stock of lovely herbal teas in, I do, great fir the cals and kidneys, sweet teas are fab, solve the issue for the coming months

  • Thank you,will give them a go.

  • Congrats to you. I've piled on about 25 pounds in about two years and cannot seem to shake it, so I know the feeling. I'm glad you're seeing progress.

  • Why is it so easy to put on and oh so hard to take off!! Thank you for your support.

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