Well, I was ok doing the 12 week plan and lost 20lbs and enjoying exercising.

Then most of August has been celebrating various lovely family events involving food and drink, boy did I fall off the wagon!

So here I am again vowing I am going to do it all again especially as there is another family do in October that I have to wear a dress to, preferably without lumps and bumps on parade!

I will weigh myself with one eye closed tomorrow, dreading it, not sure if I have gained much or not, jeans still feel loose, so fingers crossed.

Reminded myself that my motto is fit and unfat, instead of fat and unfit.

So here goes.

Thanks for all your past support, I AM back!


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9 Replies

  • Good for you for jumping back on the wagon!! Good luck :)

  • Well done for coming straight back. Maintenance is so hard but better to get back to it now than once you are back where you started like I did....

  • Hi Mello, hope the weigh in isn't too painful.

  • Recently gained pounds tend to come off quicker :) Good luck getting back on board. Don't fret about what you've put on (if any) just can back to it. :)

  • Hi Mello17, good luck for tomorrows weigh in my fingers are crossed for you hun :-)

  • I have no idea what maintenance would even be like - professional dieter - but I did get to my goal weight about 20 years ago and I think the mistake I made was not continuing to use the willpower muscle I had strengthened.

    Looking back I reckon I should have set strict boundaries like more than 3 pounds over my goal weight go back to straight calorie counting until I am back at goal...

    Just a thought for later :)

    Welcome back - I wish you weren't here - you know what I mean :)

  • Hi Dave,

    Well I obviously don't know how to maintain a diet. Mind you I really did go off the rails.

    Thanks for your kind words and I wish I didn't have be here either!

    Carry on with your entertaining posts and keep us motivated.

  • Can I really have put on a stone in three weeks?!! Shame it doesn't come off that fast.

    Oh well, here we go again.

  • Well, my son came down this morning and asked me what was wrong with the scales as it said he had put on a stone overnight!!!

    Maybe not all hope is lost then.

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