Had a sneaky peak at the scales and am officially no longer 'overweight '....

My bmi is 25!

Halfway through week 4 and I have lost 3.7kg

I still need to lose another 3 to 5 kg to get back to where I am most comfortable but feel like I am back in control. I hope to be at 'goal weight' within 5 weeks, but I intend to see the 12 week program through to embed good habits. This time I have really committed to exercise including strength training, in a way that I haven't before. That is really down to the encouragement and inspiration I have found here. Thanks to you all.

Then my quest to maintain my weight will begin..... I really think that there should be a forum like this for people who need to be kept accountable in maintaining their weight. ...anyone in a similar situation want an accountability buddy?


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17 Replies

  • 👍🎉 Superb hun, just fab.

  • I'm up for having an accountability buddy :) but just plan to generally hang out here too. I still have a few lbs left to lose, and not going to take maintenance lightly, so there'll be no easing up just yet. Congrats on reaching a healthy bmi, that's so amazing :)

  • Fab well done

  • That's fab news - congratulations! Your goal weight in 5 weeks WOW!

  • Brilliant! You must be feeling so chuffed and proud with yourself. My bmi started at 30.7 and is now down to 25.7, I am getting there lol xx

  • It feels great . Keep on keeping on!

  • As my daughter would say...very jelly...very well done you!

  • I hope I am a little less jelly lol!

  • Try not to stick to time limits, life had habit of being full of the unexpected!

  • True, very true ! It is what I hope for... last year it took me till Christmas as loss does get harder the closer you get, but this time round I am exercising as well so I hope it will continue to work!

  • Hi 2bFabnfit,

    Congratulations on achieving a healthy BMI of 25, that is really exciting! :-)

    You have done really well, and made such great progress and you've achieved such a lot.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Congratulations! Did you know you can claim an "I did it!" badge to go next to your name here? Contact the administrators.

    That last bit can be tougher - I got down to healthy BMI and have stayed there but the remaining 10kgs to address the hip-waist ratio and a lot of wobble round the middle is taking a while.

  • Yeah I know. ... but I did it last year ( and then promptly put it all back! I know what I am up against. But I will do it ! I think that I will claim my I did it once I lose another few kg

  • I love it - you sound so positive and up - and why wouldn't you be - you are at a healthy BMI woohoo!

    its awesome!

    And great that you are incorporating strength training.

    I was kind of thinking of not going for my assessment today at the gym so I could start doing weights but you have inspired me to just go and DO IT!


    P.S. The maintenance thing sounds like a good idea. I'll consider when I lose the final 58 kgs :P

  • Well done Dave but you do sound like you are promoting a crating brand of sports wear! Let me know how you got on. Is knee feeling any better?

  • Wow you are doing a fabulous job and well done for losing 3.7 kg

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done :) Why not keep in touch on here when you hit your goal? That way you are on hand to offer advice and support and share your weight loss wisdom with others. I find offering advice helps keep me on track - otherwise I would be a fraud. Maybe it will be the same for you :)

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