Holiday looming

After trying on swimsuits I faced the fact that my weight has gotten out of control ( more flesh than suit )so here I am joining your healthy eating forum. Have stuck within calories today and also went swimming

although I felt like the biggest person in the pool. I need some encouragement to keep to this healthy start. I have a holiday coming in October and don't want to feel uncomfortable with my size so I hope to lose some weight before then. Having read some of your posts it has given me hope that this will be possible. Wish me luck!!!


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11 Replies

  • Well done you for a great start. Have you downloaded the twelve week plan.? Really helpful for keeping us on track. Also keep posting and you'll have some wonderful support from fabulous people. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your reply I have downloaded the twelve week plan but could you tell me what calorie calculator you use

  • I'm cooking from fresh so I just Goole the ingredients and add up total. I made 6 litres (slow cooker) of veggie curry and the total calorie count was 2400. Will be freezing lots. Many people recommend the myfitnesspal with has an ap for scanning apparently... but I'm a techno phone so can't get my head round it. Love spell checks!

  • Hey Hey Hey! EVERYONE thinks they are the biggest in the pool, so you are in good company. You look a hell of a lot better than the sad losers who didn't exercise today! Every day a little victory!

    Be Proud! Take Action!

  • Thank you for your encouragement I intend to use the pool the two days I am not working, the other days I hope to walk around the park. Good luck for the coming week.

  • Wow.

    I just LOVE this post Andrew - you really do nail it from an encouragement perspective - we're lucky to have you here :)

  • Likewise Dave !:-)

  • What a great start,well done. It seems your holiday is also motivating you so that's good. Have a good week!

  • My holiday is a great motivator as I am going with my 15 year old grandson and I don't want to look like a baby whale. I hope your week goes well!

  • Well done for making the first step.

    Don't worry about the swimming pool, most people in the pool are so busy worrying about themselves they don't notice others. Anyway who cares this is for you and your health and stick everyone else.

    Your holiday is a while away and you could come down quite a bit if you are really determined.

    Good luck for the coming week, remember today is the first day of the rest of your life.

    Have a fab week.

  • Thanks for your reply and encouragement. I am really dertemined to stay on the healthy eating plan and try to get to the pool twice a week. Have a lovely weekend.

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