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My diabetes and hyperlipidemia controlled by weight loss

On 25 June I met an accident.scapula was fractured.during routine investigation in hospital fbs-295 pp-430 total chole-290,triglycerides -850,hdl-31,ldl-75.discharged 3rd day with hand immobilized for 6 weeks with creator glyciphage pg2 and telmisartan.after 10 days I had checked BSL-FBS-164 PP-228. My weight was 90 kg.height-68 inch.then I started walking with immobilized rt hand with pace of 3km/hr.also controlled diet with low carb.replaced my dinner with homemade multi vegetable without dressing soup..now after 2 months I walk with pace of 7 km/hr.now my reports are FBS-72,PP-112.TOTAL CHOLE-132.TRIGLYCERIDES -116.HDL-51.LDL-61.recently my doc put me on only meformin and crestor.

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