Red in the face

Hi All,

I had a rather embarrassing and lovely moment at work today. One of my colleagues has been off for a week and a half and when she saw me she said how great I looked and how much weight I had lost pretty loudly! Cue the whole office floor (I work in an open plan office) agreeing and saying you can definitely tell from my face etc. It was lovely as apart from my boyfriend no one had noticed but I did go red in the face, I'm not a centre-of-attention kind of person! It did help that I wore a slightly tighter dress today as I can now fit in to it!

Off to the gym now!



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21 Replies

  • Yay! At least you well and truly know that it's showing now! Don't feel embarrassed, feel proud. Hope you have an excellent gym eve session :)

  • Thanks Ruth! I feel more confident now! I did the HIIT workout I saw on another post and I was nearly physically sick but I so am impressed at myself for managing it! I thought I was doing HIIT before but I don't think I was pushing myself enough!

  • How wonderful! Enjoy and keep replaying it your head. It's wonderful to have these moments of joy. And it helps to keep us all on track. Yeah!

  • Thanks Portland Princess, it has definitely inspired me to keep going! Hope you are having a good week!

  • I've got a long way to go but posting and being part of this forum is definitely keeping me going in the right direction. Good experiences such as yours is like the solar lights in the garden, just lovely

  • This forum is amazing - I don't think I would have got so far if it wasn't for you guys (cue gushy music!). You will get there and make the garden sparkle!

  • Well done you, take a bow. All your hard work is paying off, enjoy the praise and use it to springboard into the next few weeks. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Jenever! I walked with a spring in my step after that, although now I feel I need a lie down after that gym session!

  • Fab! When others start commenting you know that the scales haven't been lying to you !

    Enjoy the compliments and be proud!

  • Thank you :) It is only now that I have really physically seen and felt the results of healthy eating. Hope you are having a good week!

  • Enjoy the attention, if you had got larger and then said something it wouldn't be so good

  • Thank you Nsky24!

  • Well done, isn't it great when others notice. That must such a motivation to keep going!

    I think going down a dress size and other people noticing is better than what the scales tell you 👍

    Can't wait to have that moment 😉

  • I completely agree - a whole new wardrobe is opening up :) you will have many moments over your journey - just you wait and see!

  • Well done you. So lovely when people notice the changes. A fluffy moment - you must have felt chuffed.

  • How wonderful was that ? I would go red faced too LOL. It's great when people notice and when they say something to you, there is something very rewarding about that.

    Big smiles all round, well done on your achievements

    Trafford1 :-)

  • Awww - that's lovely. Isn't it great when other people notice (although I agree about it being a bit embarrasing !!)

  • A Cheshire Cat moment! Big Smiles then disappear at the edges!

  • Well done. You are reaping Rewards for your hard work and discipline

  • Oh that's fab to hear, always lovely when someone notices all the hard work you've been doing. :)

  • that's what you call a result: a compliment from a fellow female.

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