Fresh start

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share this with you. I am having a fresh healthy eating start. Giving up on fad diets which don't work for me. I want to lose 7pounds to start with and see how I feel.

I have been dieting for years, lost weight and piled it back on again. I've tried a vegan diet, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and been obsessed and depressed as I actually gained weight.

So fresh start eating very simple basic food. My plan is porridge, yogurt and fruit for breakfast. A lean meat salad sandwich for lunch and a balanced dinner. I am allowing myself a treat every day and if I want to go out for dinner or have pizza once a while I am going for it.

I am trying to walk/ run more and I practise yoga 3 times a week.

Wish me luck !


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11 Replies

  • You have taken the first step hun, and yes the following steps for a while will be uphill, but they do get easier eventually. The big thing I get from your post is that you pick yourself up and start again each time you flounder, that is positive. You are planning out your meals, again positive. You are being lifestyle realistic - yep, again positive. Go get 'em girl, we're all with you. If you need inspiration or just need to offload to keep on track, log on this forum and read some posts. We are all in this together. 😊

  • You do need to have the treats and still go out and carry on as normal, exactly. But there are ways to do this all and there's loads of tips on this site to help you. E.g. find yourself a good range of treats to turn to, maybe more than one a day, if they are low in cals or healthy e.g. fruit then you can have one between breakfast and lunch, another between lunch and dinner, and something else after dinner. Then you'll never feel like you're doing without. With going out, a lot of places show the menu online, and myfitnesspal has the calories for lots of things on the menus e.g. you can look up the pizza you're planning to have at pizza express, and then plan your day's calories around that, knowing that's what you'll be having in the evening. Or you may resolve in advance to have half and take the other half home. Lots of luck for getting started on your healthy eating, no banned foods fresh start :)

  • The only fad worth bothering is putting your health first! I fond food, nutrition and diet a total minefield! How come its Sooooo complicated and hard to get right!.

    Well done to you for your fresh start! Sounds like a good meal plan, not too far off my own. Have you got hold of the 12 week plan? I found it really helpful to get organises and stay accountable to my self. Doing the calorie counting taught me about healthy portion size, better meal planning and its got me exercising too!

    Your target sounds like an achievable one - what does it translate into over a week? Then work what to do today to get there!

    Little Victories Count!

    Keep sharing on the forum - its great to keep us on track!

  • Remember, treats come in non-food forms too!

  • I do wish you luck and I think you have made a very wise decision to forget about fad diets and to start a healthy eating plan (don't like the word diet). Be prepared to be in this for the long haul, slow and steady will get you there and keep you there. This forum will give you all the support and inspiration you need and there's always somebody who will be able to answer questions that may crop up. Good Luck.

  • I'm amazed what wonderful food we can eat on around 1400 cals. I've just made flapjacks from Ruth canal runners recipe. About 140 a slice and a whole huge pot of thick soup for when the inner voice attacks just 500 cals for about two litres. Lasts me about two days and I am a real piggy sometimes! I have Never, Ever, had such fun making delicious meals for me and family (mainly because i don't usually cook. )So a suggestion, enjoy looking low cal recipes (low cal has great ideas in her posts) and enjoy cooking them and savour the eating too. And keep posting its fun!

  • Thanks everyone for the words of support. Because I am not good with portion control I do record my calories and allow myself a basic 1300, but earn more with exercise. I snack on thin chicken slices from Tescos only 8 calories a slice, filled with low fat cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes.

  • Thats great and good to hear you are being practical about this. Fad diets don't work because they...are called FAD diets for a reason.

    I really hope you are counting calories as a calorie goal to start with helps you moderate your portion sizes and eating. Myfitnesspal is tremendous at counting calories. I found it really useful for making decisions like I decided to start having long black coffee with milk instead of a skinny latte as it saves me 100 cals that I can allocate to yoghurt after dinner!

    I understand why you are treating yourself every day but I wonder what that means? Is it a chocolate every day? HOw many calories? If its 100 calories a day thats almost an extra pound a month or nearly an extra stone a year you could lose.

    Why not have a slightly bigger treat once a week as a congratulations to yourself for being good for a whole 7 days? And as Andrew said there are other ways to treat or reward yourself.

    I think its always valuable to think like a healthy person would. Everytime I pick up something bad I think "Is this a healthy choice that someone of normal weight would eat?"

    BUT all that being said? we all have our own path and the best eating plan for you is...the one that works :)


  • Hi Dave, I am counting calories and I allow myself a treat everyday if I feel the need. Usually around the 100 calories, it can be a biscuit, baked crisps something I consider 'bad' lol. This makes me think I am not on a diet and encourages me to make healthier food choices for meals. If I am going to eat well and continue to eat well, I need to feel I am eating a balanced diet with something a little naughty to look forward too. 😃

  • It's not 'naughty' if you are fitting it into your diet in a healthy way. I'm very pro-snacks. Some people just need an extra something between meals - we're all different though. I agree with what Andrew says about non-food treats. This is one of the things suggested in the NHS 12 week plan too. I've started to plan other 'treats' to look forward too, e.g. leisurely baths with candles, relaxing salts etc, foot soaks in the evening (stops you scuttling back and forth to the fridge), nice days out planned ahead for the weekend. It's good to start looking forward to things that aren't necessarily food based to try and break the habit of mindless eating etc. But snacks aren't just treats or naughty, I think they're really useful for managing hunger during the day, especially during the early days when you're still adapting to lower calories. Enjoy :)

  • Thanks Ruth, just posted about buying new jeans !

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