The end of the 12 week plan

Today marks the end of the 12 week plan. I weighed in this morning with a 2 1/2lb loss, bringing my total to 18lbs. I am so pleased with myself, and keep thinking 'oh yeah, I rock'. Does that sound vain of me? I will of course still be ploughing forward into the distant future, still trying to remain focused and positive.

This morning I had brunch of homemade wholemeal, spelt and poppyseed bagel, split and toasted with mature cheddar and onion on top. For dinner I used up the remainder of the roasted red pepper soup and had another of the bagels with it. Tonight I am in work, so just packed a little pot of nuts and a banana.

It has been a non stop day today and I didn't plan too well, I certainly didn't reckon on 3 1/2 hours sleep to start it off, lol. Life gets in the way sometimes and has a habit of trying to sabotage your efforts, so I may only have had = to 4 of my 5 a day but I am ok with it. Calories appx. 1400 ( the pot of nuts being the highest).

Hope everyone elses weigh in was good 😎🍎


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  • Well done you! Love reading your posts and you're so supportive of everyone.

  • Thanks hun. I do try to be supportive and hope I come across that way if I offer any tips. Knocking others food choices and scaring the life out of them is not helpful at all, more likely to knock the little confidence they have fought hard to get. I hope your week has started off well ☺️

  • Hi Shellie,

    Congrats on a great result and no not vain, rock it girl!! You deserve it πŸ’

    You are so right life gets in the way big time but it sounds like you've got it covered.

    Have a good week, onward and upward !!!


  • Thanks Flossie, hope your week is great too 😊

  • Well done you. Another successful week 12 result :)

    And yes, you do rock!! :)

  • Thankyou Sueper. Hope you are doing well. Not been able to get on here most of the day due to the outage, so trying to catch up on everyones progress. The site still keeps shutting down on me, grrrr. 😬

  • I'm doing fine thanks. I am having a fair bit of trouble with this site too. Puts me off posting as it takes so long and then I can't see half of my notifications :(

  • It may be that the server can't cope with the amount of people on it. Looking at it another way, that would be a good thing if so many are trying to do a positive thing by joining. It is really frustrating though when the site buffers or keeps logging you out.😩

  • Hey Shellie congrats on finishing the 12 weeks too, can we be week 13 buddies please? I need to keep focused and not let myself think that's it, back to normal. I've got a few lbs to lose still and then I'm onto maintaining.

    Congrats on your mega 18lb loss. You've developed some amazing food strategies over the past weeks, I love reading all your little tips. You've become a healthy foodie - you're applying newfound knowledge in a truly food-loving, deliciously creative way, with lots of added humour too :) That roasted red pepper soup sounds amazing. Hope you catch up on your sleep okay, and hope you have an excellent week ahead :)

  • Hi Ruth, week 13 on we go hey? It feels really good to say that and know that, on the whole, it has been a huge success over the last 12 weeks. I'm rooting for your last few pounds hun, so week 13, 14, 15, buddies - hell yes. I don't mind admitting I have shed tears at times, been frustrated and irritable - each time I have felt this way though, I have logged onto this forum or blown the negativity away with exercise. The dog is overjoyed at how many walks he gets now, and how far he gets to roam ( except when I drag him out at 1am or in the rain - he detests getting wet).

    Have a truly super week Ruth πŸ‘ 😊

  • I've also felt that frustration, especially before starting this journey, it felt so difficult not being able to do anything about my weight, really felt like something really big was preventing me from being who I wanted to be (literally 'big'!) But once I got started and began to see how the lbs could really start to get shifted off, anything that stood in the way became the new object of my frustration. I began to get cross at job rejections affecting my mood and then affecting my resolve to eat healthily. I also got cross at not being able to exercise when other plans got in the way, and frustrated by colds that left me feeling weirdly hungry all the time. But then you log on here and there are just always other people going through similar things, or going through something we already went through, or ready with advice for whatever we're facing right now. We find our resolve in each other :)

    Hope for your dog's sake it doesn't rain too much more this week. Hope week 13 is going well so far too :)

  • congrats ShellieL what a fab success, I'm going to read some of your older posts to pick up tips. well done, its a great achievement

  • Thankyou fifi, don't mind saying I am chuffed with myself. Slow and steady has been my aim, and continues to be so. I have a long way to go and know I will get to target eventually. I have set myself a new target, to get another 17lb off by christmas. Which would give me a total loss of 2 1/2 stone. Week 13 has begun well. 😊

  • Hi ShellieL, congratulations on completing the 12 week plan you have done a BRILLIANT JOB :-) and very well done on losing a total of 18 lbs in just 12 weeks I am really pleased for you.

    You really do "rock" :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Thankyou hun. I've been reading so many posts on here and come to the conclusion that 'we all rock as one'. This forum is tops, and so are the majority of the posters. 😊

  • All those pounds fab, what is your goal, and how much more do you intend to lose?

  • Hi. My long term aim is 70lbs, with smaller targets inbetween. My new target is another 17lb off by christmas, which would bring my total loss to 35lb. I have taken things slow and steady, not overly restrictive, making small changes but still enjoying life and all its wonderful pleasures and challenges. I intend to carry on this way for as long as it takes, be that a year or more. I have always walked, but the time and distance dwindling over the years with every 'reason' why I hadn't the time. That has changed, I have dusted off my bike too - inspired by a fellow forum poster Ruth_canal_runner - I also love the rowing machine at the gym.

    Hope your week is going well πŸ‘

  • 12 Weeks! Thats a real achievement. Its 12 Weeks for a reason - there is evidence that if we continue to do something for 12 weeks we achieve a change in our thinking, feelings, mindset, behaviour and choices. And you've done it!

    Enjoy! Its just the start!

  • Thankyou hun, long way to go but loving the journey now. 😊

  • I think you have done AMAZINGLY well :)

    Listen to you with your wholemeal and spelt and pot of nuts - I think someone got healthy ;)

    Planning and organisation - for me at least - is the lynchpin for this healthy lifestyle change and it sounds like you are in that frame of mind so thats great.

    Hoping you continue to stick around and continue your journey here :)

  • Can't get rid of me so easily Dave, lol. I have a long way to go, but I am now enjoying the journey. It's amazing what one can fit into 24 hours if you stop making excuses. I have always enjoyed cooking and meals have always been fairly balanced, the size of portion however had grown over the years. Nibbling between meals, especially crisps and these big meal portions inevitably took their toll on my weight. No more. The old plates of yesteryear are back in daily use as they are tiny in comparison to todays crockery, the food served is eaten slower and savoured as it should be. Ironically the kids have never had a weight problem, and I have always discouraged eating between meals. They have always had a pud after dinner, breakfast, lunch and light supper. All prepared by myself and around 7 portions of fruit n veg in it. Perhaps if I had practiced what I preached I wouldn't be where I am today!! Actually, no perhaps about it.

    Have a super week Dave 😊

  • "It's amazing what one can fit into 24 hours if you stop making excuses"

    Thats the key to this whole thing isn't it?

    Stop making excuses, stop blaming others and decide how you CAN do this not why you CAN'T.

    Great to hear you will be hanging around :)

  • Oh Yeah - you really do rock :-) Well done, that's a great loss and a new way of eating healthy too !

  • Thanks lucca, hope your rocking through your week too hun πŸ‘

  • Congrats on your success!! That's fantastic :) :)

  • Thankyou hun, have a great week yourself 😊

  • Hi ShellieL,

    Another inspiring post after the completion of the 12 week NHS plan, (I've just finished reading Ruth's post). Congratulations on losing 18 pounds in 12 weeks, and to losing 2.5 pounds this week, that is such great progress, and incredibly inspiring.

    I know you wrote your post yesterday, but reading it today has made me feel hungry - even though I've had my porridge for breakfast (plus a naughty muffin found it's way to be a mid-morning snack - oh no!). (I think it must be rainy weather affecting my resolve). How can I still feel hungry? Your roasted red pepper soup sounded particularly tasty. I enjoy soup.

    You poor thing having to cope with yesterday after only 3 and a half hours sleep, and I hope you had a better night's sleep last night.

    You definitely 'rock' by the way! :-)

    Wishing you another great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thankyou lowcal. I was on shift last night, finished at 10.40am this morning. I am eating asparagus tips in parma ham and a poached egg as I read posts on here, lol. Very quick to make, and why not, the asparagus needed using up. I feel positively decadent. I have some recipes for healthier muffins somewhere, sweet and savoury, I'll dig them out when I get chance. If your going to indulge then at least you can say it's partly healthy hehehe.

    Have a great week hun 😊

    P.S. Bin those muffins 😈

  • Well done for completing 12 weeks and for all those lbs you shifted.

    I am inspired to keep going even though I hope to reach goal in about 4 weeks, and am only in week 4 now.I will need to keep on here as I know my problem is in maintaining. ... I think we need a forum for maintainers where we keep each other accountable.

    Thanks for showing the way !

  • Girl done good, ShellieL :D

  • Well done and it's not vain to be proud of your success. :-D. I'm new here and reading the success others have had is a positive reminder to me that I can loose the weight even with my other problems. :-D

    Keep up the good work. :-D

  • Thankyou hun. I am still on a long uphill climb to get to where I want to be. I really have to make sure I don't become complacent as this would inevitably lead to my downfall. I'm glad you feel that you can make positive headways to a slimmer future. Lots of other health issues often improve too, even if they are not directly attributed to weight. I wish you success on your journey hun. Hooe you are having a great week 😊

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