Trying to eat healthy and working :(

I work mon-fri 9-5...Eating healthy during work I find quite easy as others in the office eat really healthy! However, when I get home I struggle not to stuff my face.


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  • I find this problem too.

    I try and have something healthy as soon as I get in like a hard boiled egg, some garlic mushrooms on rocket, some homemade hummus, an apple or a banana.

    Then I make a healthy dinner from scratch. I probably don't manage to sit down to eat until about 8pm but have had my snack and am running about so this prevents me from snacking before dinner.

    I do struggle after dinner. I find that a cup of decaf tea helps. Also taking a hot shower really helps too.

  • I struggle because I'm a fussy eater, I can't eat anything out of my comfort zone at all without being sick...

  • They say that if you eat something enough times then your body starts to like it. Pick something which is least offensive and try to eat that every other day for a week or two and you will come to like it. Think of it as being like medicine and that you have to take it for your health!

    What do you like?

  • So drink herbal teas, or low cal comfort drinks, instead of food

  • I think I'm going to try and do that with a piece of fruit, thanks for the advice!

    Umm..strawberries and lettuce on the fruit and veg front pretty much

  • If you like strawberries what about trying other berries like raspberries and blackberries to start. And if you like lettuce, do you like all sorts of lettuce? If you haven't tried adding baby spinach leaves and rocket then try those.

    I would also start to grate some veg into my other dishes. If you had spag bol for example you could grate a courgette or carrot into it and not even taste it. This would be so good for you.

  • hi their Kbaker1995 its hard i know when you get home and you have all those nice thing at home you can't control yourself but it can be done trust me i know i've been their take care bigalan

  • Try a bit of distraction tactic. Say to yourself that you'll have something in 20 mins and then see if the temptation goes away. Or read lots of inspirational posts on this forum....or post and we'll all encourage you to stay on track. My weak spot is boredom in front of the telly. I know that I can eat loads of stuff and not even notice I've done it. Just a very bad habit!

  • Hiya i know its difficult luvvie but maybe only keep healthy foods that you like at home too? Keeping unhealthy snacks in those cupboards would tempt anyone!

    Its very difficult if you have food preferences but most NHS surgeries offer Dietician services now do maybe get some expert advice to help you expand your food preferences in a healthy way that would be more satisfying?

    Good luck with your plan hun xxxx

  • Thank you all for the support xxx

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