Bread and biscuits

The strangest thing has happened to me. I threw myself into the path of the low carb high fat diet thingy initially for just a few weeks to check out the claims it made. Sure enough I lost 5 lbs in the first couple of weeks but amazingly I find that I am no longer interested in bread or biscuits or crisps or rice or pasta or even potatoes!! I buy more veg and loads of summer fruits that I lace with greek style natural yogurt. I cannot fall out of love with chocolate ( a step too far!!) but try to pacify the longing with jaffa cakes.

The scales don't really reflect the way I feel (which is much lighter) but slowly the excess weight around my hips is dissolving and my tummy is going down.

I feel that I am quite happy to continue eating this way for life whatever my weight. I just feel better. Has anyone else taken this route? My approach is not extreme but still effective.

Kate xx


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7 Replies

  • Interesting how things work differently for everyone - I just did a week of "19:5" - where on eats in a 5 hour window - so for me it was Breakfast at 7 , lunch at 12.

    Vegan, dairy and sugar free, - and "high" carbs (brown bread/peanut butter and fruit for breakfast, pasta, rice or potatoes and loads of vegs and pulses at lunchtime. Lost 5 pounds, in one week! Considering that I had reached a plateau in the past couple of months or so I definitely will keep eating vegan - back to have dinners now, don't want to loose too quickly :)

    PS - I also had a couple of dessert - as I wasn't the cook, I am not sure if there was sugar in it - I am trying to eliminate plain sugars (all complex carbs I eat are wholegrains)

  • It sounds like you have found the right way of eating for your body. I found that I was having digestive problems and bloating when I ate bread, pasta etc and I was always feeling tired and heavy. I feel much better now and I am also trying to steer clear of plain sugars. I wish you well on your journey.

  • If this is working for you and you believe its now a sustainable lifestyle them more power to you!

    I tried a similar thing but I went overboard om the fats and was scoffing bacon every day for breakfast and still losing weight. I ended just feeling myself fat instead of carbs and 6 months later ran into major gall bladder problems.

    I'd never attempt it again but as long as you are not being as silly as I was I am sure it will be a great thing for you :)

  • Thanks Dave1961. I agree with you that eating fats to excess could lead to major problems. I take statins anyway so I am very aware of the pitfalls. Luckily, when I first started on the eating plan I found it difficult to eat the amounts of fat they recommended and as a long time (though now lapsed) vegetarian I am unable to eat red or fatty meats so I have just gradually tweaked the plan to fit my lifestyle and hopefully I will be able to continue with it. Hope you find the right plan for yourself soon.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Kate , I am also eating a modified version of the lchf diet, as in I'm not actually counting carbs just reducing them a lot from what I used to have, particularly sugar. I still have a small portion of starchy carbs once a day, usually with my evening meal, this is a small amount of potato, whole grain seeded bread, quinoa, bulgar wheat or sweet potato. I don't like pasta so that's no loss and I find rice of any sort bloats my stomach so avoid that too. I don't eat low fat versions of anything, just small amounts of the real thing with lots of veg. I agree with you this is a way I feel I could keep eating for ever and feel properly nourished and satisfied. I need to lose about 2 stone and will still have to count calories to achieve ths. However for the next couple of weeks I'm just focussing on nutrition and energy rather than losing weight due to some ongoing health issues. What gives me confidence is that I've found I can maintain my weight eating this way without having to calorie count so i feel safe that I will be able to keep the weight off when I finally lose it! X

  • Hi Bananacake. It's a really good way to eat isn't it? I was feeling very unwell when I made the change and I decided it was time to feed my body with nutritious foods instead of all the junk that I have eaten for years. I am feeling better than I have for a long time and I'm sure you will be too. I almost feel that losing weight will be a bonus.

  • Hi Bigleg. I agree - it is a natural way to eat and I have come to love the dark chocolate range! Never thought I would! I truly believed that I was incapable of walking past the biscuit barrel but now I never give them a second glance (except for the jaffa cakes - I still have to overcome that hurdle but all the other rubbish is banished!)

    Best wishes


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