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Starting over again

Got to the end of Week Three and had a slip up because of a hen weekend, so have decided to start again from Week One. I'm at the same weight I was when I started (15st 9lb) and at 5' 9" that means I need to lost around five stone to be in the healthy category.

It'll be tough, especially since I'm a picky eater (don't like vegetables and most fruits, bits in food, etc) so I'm going more for the 'don't eat the whole packet' approach first of all, but can anybody recommend any recipes for picky eaters?

Well, here goes!

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I suppose that something has to change if you want to lose weight. There are so many foods including vegetables - and so many ways of cooking them. Yes, look at portion sizes, eat from smaller plates and maybe get a good cook book and experiment. Slimming World does some good ones. Good luck.


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