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Maggi SoTender cooking Papyrus

Has anyone else used these? If not, I would urge you to do so. I buy the Italian herbs chicken one, it has 4 papyrus in a pack each packed with a herb mix. All you do is place your raw chicken ( i use fish fillets, lamb, anything really..) then put in a heavy based fry pan - no oil needed and cook each side for up to 10 minutes on a medium heat ( depends on what using and thickness - salmon loin fillets take just 4 minutes skin side first, then 2 minutes other side). Each papyrus adds just 22 kcals to your meal, though 2 salmon fillets fit well between 1 papyrus adding just 11 kcals per fillet. The taste explosion is just fabulous.

I really couldn't recommend them enough 😊😊

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Yep, they are so good. Pork loin chops are exceptionally tasty. I love them. You can put any thing in them, not just chicken. Paprika gorgeous and the mediteranean one. Try them all, fabulous.


Hi gillyflower, I bought a 'job lot' of the italian herb one off our local market for 20p each, lol. I use 1 packet every 2 weeks, so it'll take me about 6 months to get through them! Once I have, I will certainly give the other flavours a try. 😊


You are right, the main ingredient is salt - appx. 1g on each papyrus, and fat appx. 1.7g per papyrus, and the rest of the ingredients clearly listed. Once your chosen meat or fish is cooked quite a lot is left on the papyrus, so you would consume less than listed. That is of course assuming you wouldn't lick the papyrus clean with your tongue!

On the whole I personally do not use much processed food/products, but I will continue to use this product. It is a very handy and quick taste infuser. I am quite fussy about additives, etc... having spent the last 20 odd years having to read everything as my son cannot have additives or preservatives, and understanding processed products was a part of the degree I have in health and nutrition.

Most manufacturers aren't particularly mindful of consumers health and I totally agree that we should all read the nutrition labels. Being mindful of what we consume is good, but I am quite happy to add the odd processed product to my diet.

Hope your week is a super one. 😊


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