So hard to give up

I have one thing that I try to give up eating packets of jelly babes I have stopped smoking now for 6months after 50 years I am also trying to get some weight off I go to weight watchers in 4 week I lost 2 pounds but wish I could get more off I try to keep away from the sweets but I seem to go for them every time I go in the shop yesterday I got through a packet in no time about 5min I have had gum so I have got to find some way of stopping eating jelly babies ? 😞


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  • Congrats on giving up smoking that's a great achievement. Maybe substitute the jelly babies for grapes ? Somebody on here suggested putting grapes in the freezer so they are good for sucking, would last longer & perhaps get you past the craving. Is it possible to avoid the shop ... or limit yourself to a certain number of jelly babies then go for a walk or do something else to distract yourself.

    Good luck :)

  • M and S do a range of sugar free sweets in little boxes. Very low calorie. Also have you tried sugar free jelly. Fills you up and almost calorie free.

  • I love frozen grapes. I freeze them in little boxes with about 6 in each. They are so refreshing.

  • The only answer is...throw out all the jelly babies in the house, don't buy any more jelly babies, and tell other people not to buy you any jelly babies. After a few days of not having any you won't miss them.

  • Think I'm with you there Victor! You'll be surprised how quick you stop noticing they are not there!

  • Why did the jellybaby go to school?

  • He wanted to be a Smartie

  • Thanks for the chuckle. Biggest cheesiest joke I have seen for awhile :P

  • Actually, was thinking of you when I posted, thought you'd appreciate a joke!

  • I can't preach as I'm still smoking but if you can then give up the sweets. They are virtually all sugar and that's one of the worst things you can have.

    Although I've failed with the fags I have succeeded with changing the rest of my lifestyle and don't eat any processed sugar. Still get an urge for sweet things and cannot eat some things without sweetness. I love porridge but it has to be sweet so I use Splenda. In fact Splenda has been my saviour to keep me away from sugar.

    My next goal is the fags but I'm waiting for the moment when I am ready to make that decision. It came with the weight loss last year and have never been tempted to give up. I need that commitment to myself to give up the ciggies.

  • Firstly well done for making the changes you have, you need to be very proud of where you are now.

    Fantastic that you are getting so positive and making great steps forward.

    As for the jelly babies , do you need to go to the shop so often. One bag of jelly babies a day is not the end of the world as long as you count them. If you are trying to get something sweet how about fruit or sugar free jelly. You could make the jelly up in the morning or the night before so it's always on hand.

    It's always hard changing habits but you've done it once and you can do it again.

    Have a good week.

  • I whent to weight watchers lest night I have lost 2pounds it is a it hard at times I mean to carry on I need another stone to go so my doc says I am now 14 1/2 stone

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